Mentally Uplifting Cedar, Rose and Rosemary Tea Blend

Evolving Tea

I love it when a tea inspires. And I love it when the berries, roots, seeds and barks of a tea reveal their taste and medicine with each step. This Cedar, Rose and Rosemary based herbal tea is a mentally uplifting blend, but it’s also balanced within the digestive system and rooted in the Kidney-Adrenal system, too.

cedar herbal tea blend

Long ago I ditched the idea of keeping infusion herbs and decoction herbs separate.

I know that the decoction herbs are not as medicinal in a simple steep, as opposed to a ‘bring to a boil and simmer’ decoction method, but I’m adding them for holding space, not medicine (although medicine is still conveyed).

With each steep, the earthy/rooty/berry/seedy elements are unveiled.

This Cedar and Rose tea came about when I was feeling mentally sluggish and physically drained. Cold. Brick in head feeling. Wanting to curl up under a blanket (which I generally love, but I have two little kids at home so, you know…).

Cedar, Rose, and Rosemary Mentally Uplifting Tea Blend

Rose – Cools and moves constricted Liver Qi to free up the Heart. Makes a good tea taste magical. Rose is a harmonizer of the Upper Jiao/Heart center, and a standby in almost all my tea blends, second only after Licorice. I also love Rose externally for burns and internally as a decadent Rose Elixir.

Cedar – Freshening, opening yet grounding. Cleansing to mental debris and stagnant states, like a breath of fresh air as it opens the airways.

Rosemary – Awakens and connects the brain and the senses with its moving, upwards directing pungency.

Spearmint – Invigorating breath of fresh air for your body, brain, being; the plant with the highest content of the antioxidant polyphenol rosemarinic acid. Also sweetly composed, acting on the gut.

Shatavri – Centering one deeply within themselves; steadily and deeply Yin nourishing via the Kidneys. Slightly sour and sweet to contain and hold, then strenghten.

Fenugreek – Nutty earth warming nutritive Yang tonic that abundantly gives and gives; supports digestive processes (and enzymatic production, I believe).

Juniper Berries – That richly sensual sour conifer flavor – mmmm… 

Cinnamon Twig – A little more moving than Cinnamon Bark chips, circulating protective Qi up and out, guides this tea towards the Bladder and Lung meridians of the upper body, senses and back of the head.

Ginger and Licorice – Warm nurturing deliciousness getting richer with each steep, the licorice gets much sweeter and evolves from formula harmonizer and Spleen/Stomach guider into steady Kidney tonifier. 

At the time of writing this, it is May 2020. We’ve been in quarantine for over a month, and although I think many of us are secretly hoping things will get better in the summer, I don’t think it will. My guess is that it will be three years of COVID-19.

I sure wish we could sit down with our friends and family – for hanging out and visiting and for a cup of tea.

So I dedicate this tea blend to you all and for our journey ahead.

Take good care of yourselves.



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