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Aries Season Tea Ritual with Nettle and Schisandra for Sustained Energy

Aries season is here! The Zodiac cycle begins again, once more. One way I like to bring my Aries intentions within my body and being is through a tea ritual. In this post, I am going to share how I like to do an Aries herbal tea ritual – and I hope it can serve as an inspirational jumping off place for you to create your own.

Each of us can engage with the Aries style of BEING. One way is to explore who we really are, unapologetically.

But that is really the tip of the matchstick (excuse the astro pun; within the fire signs, Aries is the spark, Leo is the fire, Sag is the embers)…you can choose whatever flavor of Aries energy you want to embody and invite into your life at this time.

Aries season may show up differently for you, especially when you consider what house Aries lives in in your chart.

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How to get a free chart and find your houses

My favorite place to get a free chart is astro.com. I personally use Whole Sign houses, which completely lines up the signs to a house. Scroll down to the “house systems” part and select Whole Sign if that interests you. But you can use whichever you want – they all “work”.

Over years of looking into it, I have settled with Whole Sign houses because I gained a strong interest in and appreciation of the houses, so naturally I now give them full credence.

If you are interested in house of the astrology chart, just start searching around, there is a plethora of information out there. Someday I’ll go into the houses just as I do the Astrological seasons. One of my favorite house books is Book of Houses.

The reason that I like working with the house of the astrology chart is because it adds another depth to the energy of the season, and it is one I can feel and see. 

Imagine learning about Sagittarius the sign. One next step is to learn about Sagittarius energy in which we are all steeped in when the Sun is in Sagittarius during the time of mid-November to mid-December each year (I personally love to learn about this energy via embodiment aka inquisitive feeling and sensing through the body). 

The next level of experiencing that Sag energy is to see which house it falls in your own chart. This adds more specificity as to where in your life the Sag exploration, freedom, wildness and truth-seeking will land.

Aries is in my own 12th house…so I break out into the increased vitality of the fresh start of spring (Aries energy) in the hidden, behind the scenes, secret place sometimes known as the House of Sorrows. But it’s not as misplaced as it sounds – think of all the seeds and roots still laying dormant. We can’t see them, but they are working hard at creating the entire trajectory of the whole life cycle ahead of them.

Explore how Aries Season might feel for you

If you are interested, check out my free Aries Season embodiment guide here.

aries season embodiment guide

This 13 page Aries Season Embodiment Guide includes:

  • Info on Aries season style of embodiment for the physical body, food and eating, movement, emotional body, mental body, spiritual and energetic body, stones and colors
  • Journal prompts
  • Post-season reflection questions
  • Aries Keywords and components of Aries season and the Aries area of our chart from this blog post, organized together
  • Aries herbal tea inspiration

It has been a year since I first started creating the embodiment guides. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of it 🙂

I have not been able to do each and every month – with the pandemic, lack of childcare and homeschooling, and healing from chronic Lyme and the co-infections have severely limited my agency.

However, I am planning on doing my best this year to fill in the gaps: Look for Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio guides coming this year. And updates for the other seasons 🙂

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How to create you own Aries Season tea ritual

Start with your inspiration

I like to start with inquiry. Ask the body: How does Aries feel for you?

What are you inspired to begin or move forward with?

What does your body need right now to feel supported to do and be and experience how it wants to play with Aries energy?

Refer to any Aries themes you want to work with. Here are some keywords for Aries; which call to you? This post has some introductory info about Aries season, too.

Aries Keywords

  • Competitive, willing to face challenges head-on, courageous 
  • Adventure, exploration, pioneering, trail-blazing, discovery 
  • Self-focused, self-contained, independent 
  • New beginnings, creative, innocent, fresh, child-like
  • Healthy, athletic, vital, energetic, vibrant 
  • Authentic, honest, brave, headstrong 
  • Action-taking, daring, risk-taking, reckless
  • Impatient, forceful, spontaneous, aggressive 
  • Feisty, assertive, quick to anger, truthful
  • Warm, charming, magnetic, attractive 

A couple keys to keep in mind for an Aries season tea ritual inspiration:

A) Aries is the time when the self needs definment and support to be itself

B) The body often calls upon its energy reserves (which were hopefully stocked over the winter – but that is often “iffy” at best in this modern world that keeps on working like a machine) to transition from inwards to more outwards and active.

What does the self need? What do YOU need to be yourself or feel like your self? 

And what does your body need for the energy shift?

Those are two potent points for a tea blend inspiration…or at least I think so 🙂

Select your Aries Season herbs

Oh…when I get to this point in my tea ritual writings I have a hard time writing (here are tea rituals for Cap, Aquarius, Pisces).

Why? Because I want you to use what you have around, what is accessible and fun for you. Not what I suggest. What do I know about your herb stash or herb garden or tea drawer?

See what you have. Inside and outside. Feel what you are drawn to. 

In the end, you can always use teabags from the grocery store. I’ve been in this herbal world since 2002 but I still drink boxed herbal tea almost everyday (Celestial Seasonings Country Peach – its a habit).

Any cup of tea made with heartfelt intentions will do.

dishes of pink and red herbs on tray

A few Aries herbal ideas

Practicality aside, I still like to talk about Aries season herbs from a more herbal inspiration standpoint. Astroherbology is a broad field, and this does not go into that.

Below is from the Aries Season Embodiment Guide (you can get your own copy on here):

Herbs associated with astrological seasons and signs is a big topic. The herbs given in books and online for any sign vary widely depending on the author, the tradition or culture, the intention and the approach.

Instead of focusing on individual herbs from solely an astrological perspective, I like to think of the themes from each sign which call to me for inspiration. The individual herbs are less important than the intentions to why you are using them.

And because this is about embodiment, I like to go ahead and ask the body, then expand the answers to include herbs for the state of my emotions, mental processes. energetic and spiritual work of the season, too.

Here is an examples of ways to take a Aries season tea blend:

  • HEAD CENTERED Rosemary, Lavender, and Peppermint can clear and calm the excess energy coming into the head. Rosemary is warming and stimulating and can help stuck energy flow in the head and increase oxygenation. Peppermint, Lavender and others mints are supportive of blood flow in the head but are more cooling and relaxing. 
  • WARMTH Aries season has an overall warm, glowing feeling to it. Cozy spices like Ginger, Cloves, Nutmeg, Peppercorn and Licorice can stimulate connection to counterbalance the fierce independence this time often hold.
  • DETERMINATION Tea blend that supports the feelings of determination to go out and take action. Warming spices to augment circulation, cool herbs to calm an overheated or inflamed states, red colors, and herbs for supporting circulation within the head and senses also are inspiring to me right now.
  • For your consideration: Rosemary, Blue Vervain, Hops, Nettle, Peppermint, Cedar, Pink Peppercorns, Rose Petals, Ginger, Cinnamon and Licorice.
nettle tea blend in jar top down

My Aries Season Nettle Tea Blend

This year I felt that I needed to cultivate more inner vitality and sustainable energy. One way to do that is through nourishing herbal infusions with nutrient rich herbs. When drunk regularly, these are restorative tonics to the body. So when I say Aries tea ritual, I hope to make this a daily ritual for Aries season and beyond.

Stinging hot Nettle is ruled by Mars in astro-herbology. This reminds me of a song my 6 year old sings:

In the spring the Nettle returns

Gifting all with a fiery burn

Yes, Nettle is an excellent representative of Mars and Aries both; it is stinging and harsh if you brush up against it, but it is rich in energy-giving chlorophyll. This glowingly green spring plants is a pioneer of the season, they are one of the first to grace the shady, moist areas where they thrive.

Red Clover is a lymphatic supporting blood tonic herb (oh, they are so much more, as all of these plants are, but I am trying to stay inspirational and brief) which I always benefit from drinking. The red color makes me think of Mars, as do Rose, Da Zao Jujube Date, Schisandra.

rose schisandra da zao on tray

Schisandra is a harder berry that would require a proper decoction (simmering) to fully extract their medicinal attributes. Yet still I use harder roots and berries in infusions like these because they hold space and impart magical/energetic/spiritual properties (I talk a little about hard herbs in infusions in this post).

Schisandra is very nourishing to the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine, where it is called Wu Wei Zi, the 5 flavored herb. This herb does have all the flavors present, but is mostly sour to contain and hold the edges of our being… Astringe the Essence, it is called in Chinese Medicine theory/practice.

Bacopa and Spearmint invigorate the head, brain, mind. Aries rules the head – think of those huge Ram horns of Aries. Horns are extensions of consciousness, receivers of information, defense and protection and many ore things when thought of symbolically.

Da Zao/ Jujube Date, Cinnamon, Ginger and Licorice all help to harmonize the formula. They help bring it together as a cohesive blend since they all add flavor, and they all help with digestion (flavoring and digestibility go hand-in-hand).

  • Nettle
  • Red Clover
  • Spearmint
  • Bacopa
  • Rose
  • Schisandra
  • Da Zao, Jujube Date
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Licorice


Fill a big glass jar between 1/4 – 1/3 full of herbs. Pour hot boiling water over and stir. Steep covered for at least 4 hours, overnight works well. Strain (if you want) and drink.

This is a nutritive herbal long infusion, and it yields a rich tea that is more like a broth than a cup of beverage tea. Feel free to drink more than you’d typically think of – 3-6 cups a day is on par with the long infusions.

Over time, regular nourishing infusions continually assist and support the nutritive tone of the body. This is a great way to receive food-like nourishment from the herbs.

herbal tea steeping in jar close up

Set the stage for your Aries herbal tea ritual

Clean a bit, set the altar, connect to your intentions

Now that you have your herbs ready, it is always nice to do a mini spring cleaning (I know, this is Northern Hemisphere centric, I am sorry) to your ritual space. It could be a corner of your bed, or it could be a corner of a table or a corner of your room. Clear as much as it takes to get your tea ready. 

Well, maybe don’t clean and set your space the entire time your tea is being prepped, because it is also necessary to prep your body and being. 

Journal about your intention and reflect about your wishes for Aries season. Aries is an embodied time of year because it brings us out of the dissolution of Pisces season and the entire prior zodiac cycle and into being.

As a fire sign, Aries is creative and passionate. I love journalling, but movement and creation like dance or artwork are also ways to express your intentions and desires.

cherry blossoms reflection

Cut the cords to the past Zodiac cycle

There is one really important thing I like to do before the end of Aries season

Since Aries is the fresh beginning of the Zodiac, I like to take a little time to release things from the past Zodiac cycle.

This can be done in many ways…one body/felt-sense way is to feel into your body specifically for parts of you that are hooked into things from the past.

If this does not interest you or seems complicated or confusing – skip it. In case you are intrigued, I will write it out as briefly a I can.

How to unhook your energy from something from the past

To do this, lay or sit relaxing.

Take a few breaths to come into this time and space and to gather your awareness into you at this the present time. Aries time is an excellent time to do this, because what makes you “you” is at its all-time strongest point of the year – so people can often feel their boundaries and energy more readily than other times.

Bring your awareness into your physical body to the skin level.

Now that you can feel “you” at the skin level, expand your felt sense outwards about 3 inches from your body. Feel that for a few breaths.

Inquire if there is any part of you connected to the past in ways that would like to be released. Notice what you feel, especially in that 3 inch past your body zone. You may feel things that feel like strings or cords, or simply that your energy goes backwards.

Follow the string or cord to the past until it ends. I personally do not notice any sort of details about this – I don’t know who or what these strings are connected to or why, or if I do receive information, it is very general phrase thats kind of obvious, like “this is about stepping forward” (that was for a string coming out of my left heel).

Unhook the cord or string, or ask it to unhook itself, or imagine it doing so. If you work with helpers, call on them if you’d like.

See the cord coming back to you. This is your energy so it can be returned. It will integrate into your energy in a way that works for you, for example, it may just blend in. If it feels unresolved or stuck, either use your imagination or ask it do what it needs or ask for help.

Do what works for you

There are so many ways to bring your energy up to present time and space. Clearing and cleaning can help. Movement always helps – it’s a way to embody fire. Speaking of, working with elements is quite nice.

However, I do like the unhooking during Aries Season because of all that we’ve gone through particularly from Pisces to Aries. It’s hard to move ahead when there’s ties to the past.

Back to the Aries season tea ritual.

herbs in a jar from the top side

Sip your tea and your intentions

Connect with the vessel of tea you hold in your hands and the vessel of your body simultaneously, with the breath as the conduit between them. 

Speak, think, feel your intentions for this Aries time of year. Infuse them into your cup, just as the plants were infused into the water.

Sip, taste and smell…enjoy your creation alongside the plants and the cosmos.

End by giving thanks and honoring the herbs, the earth, the sky, yourself and anything else you’d like. 

Happy Aries season to you!



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