A Lyme-Literate herbalist?

Hi, my name is Celia and I am a Lyme Literate herbalist.

Most people are introduced to using herbs for Lyme, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and Babesia after they have been knocked into the chronic Lyme disease underworld.

Perhaps they ran out of options and are willing to try anything. Or are forced to DIY their Lyme recovery out of necessity.

Not me, however. I came into the Lyme world already a plant person.

Herbalism was my life 16 years before I even knew it was chronic Lyme disease and the co-infections that made me sick, tired and in pain 24/7.

I’m here to show how herbs provide comfort and relief when we are sick, tired and in pain.

I offer botanical and nutrient medicine for people with Lyme and co-infections, chronic pain and acute and chronic infections at a distance.

Botanical medicine + coping tools for chronic Lyme, pain and fatigue…

From someone who has been there.

HI my name is Celia and I have had chronic Lyme and co-infections since I was 8.

Over the years, I have learned to use herbs for Lyme after failing antibiotic courses, as well as manage the pain, fatigue and other symptoms associated with these infections.

I am passionate about plant medicine and draw on my background as an herbalist for 20+ years. I was an herbalist 16 years before I even knew I myself still had Lyme disease!

But I also use tools from being a birth doula, because having pain, fatigue and infections bring up times when you are past your level of what you thought was humanly possible for you to cope with


My work with Chinese medicine and herbalism for pain and chronic health problems comes from personal experience.

I was infected with and treated for Lyme when I was 8. At age 12, I started to have symptoms of chronic fatigue and sleep problems. At age 14 I began my journey with chronic debilitating dysmenorrhea and joint dysfunction.

When I was 36 I entered a 3 month acute Lyme flare with continual full body migraines and joint dysfunction. After that I became dedicated to find a treatment that worked for me and dig myself out of the pain and illness underworld << read more here >>

5 things to know about using herbs for Lyme disease (even if you think you don’t want to)


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