Herbs can be confusing

There is SO much herbal information out there.

Bring up an ailment on a Facebook group and you’ll get dozens of suggestions, half of which consisting of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, CBDs, oregano oil with some general diet advice thrown in for good measure.

But how do you know which herbs and supplements will

– be safe and effective for you or for the loved ones in your care?

– be the best fit for your own unique history and body?

– play well with what you are already doing for your health, including pharmaceuticals or other supplements?

Plus, how do you know how much to take, how many times a day, and for how long?

With over 20 years in the herbal world

herbal tincture blending

I am I am here to remind you that you CAN care for yourself and your family at home.

all you need is

  • a little trusted herbal information
  • some effective (but not too complicated) time tested herbal remedies (not just the social media trends) 
  • a solid strategy about what to do, when to do it and how often to do it
  • a couple easily accessible practices to do at home (the basics like rest, heat, massage)
  • the confidence to walk yourself through the process of caring for yourself with herbs

< Herbal overwhelm is real >

I get how vast and endless herbal medicine can feel. Maybe it’s just my personality, but I never feel like I know enough about herbalism.

But when I take a step back and ask myself, “what are the basics I can start with?” I find that herbalism that actually makes me feel better is a lot more simple and accessible than I was making it.

< We are all plant people >

In times past, people managed everyday discomforts with herbs (and other practices) at home. All of our ancestors knew how to use plants for the basics of caring for ourselves and our communities (and many people around the world still DO).

Modern world has created a greater separation between us and nature, but rest assured that working with plants runs deep in our blood, DNA, and souls. 

This is not a romantic notion: plants give us oxygen to breathe and nutrients to run our bodies.

IF you remember and reclaim that working with plants is not a weird alternative but a normal thing for people to do, a lot of the anxiety and overwhelm about learning all the things about what to take and when fades.

So if you have wondered the following:

How can I use herbs for managing your own health at home?

How can I use herbs in my daily life for me and my family at home? Like how might they help your kids feel more comfortable when they get a cold or respiratory infection?

What herbs can help at home for chronic annoying UTIs (bladder infections) when the antibiotics don’t seem to do the trick anymore?

Which herbs might help strengthen my defenses and vitality when I seem to catch every cold or flu that comes around?

then you are in the right place. Check out { the blog } to see more.

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