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Allowing Fear in the Watery Land of Zhi: The Spirit of the Kidneys within Chinese Medicine 5 Element Theory

turquoise and tan river rocks under water

Water and Zhi: How the Spirit of the Kidneys holds Fear In this post, we explore the fear, water and Zhi, the spirit associated with the Kidney organ system within the 5 Element theory of Taoism and Chinese medicine. This was originally written in January of 2008 at a time when I was new to…

Gui Zhi Tang: Chinese Herbal Formula with Cinnamon and Peony for Wei Qi Support

gui zhi tang cinnamon twig decoction herbs

Gui Zhi Tang is an important formula Chinese medicine herbal formula featuring Cinnamon and Peony that does many things, one of which is to support the Wei Qi (defensive immunity). Gui Zhi/Cinnamon Twig is the first herb we learned in East Asian medical school, and Gui Zhi Tang is the first formula we learned. Gui…