Embodied means coming home to your body, again and again, amongst all sorts of feelings and sensations, no matter how life is happening around you.

When you feel out of sorts, when old wounds arise, when you feel sick or drained, you listen to what your body is saying. Honor its feelings and experiences.

When you feel inspired and alive, full of love and potential, ready to offer your unique talents and skills to your family, community and the world around you, you listen to what your body is saying. Honor its feelings and experiences.

Embodiment is honoring ourselves.

Being embodied can be as simple as noticing how you feel during a single breath. That’s the start to creating a deeply beneficial and healing relationship with YOU.

When you are looking to dive deeper into what your body and being are feeling, and ready to shift your rapport with the pain, wounds and illness while deeply honoring yourself, I am here to be a guide.

Sometimes it has feels like the whole purpose of my life has been to figure out a way to cope with those moments of intense physical discomfort.

Lying in bed in pain yet again, with the most basic tools like my imagination, my breath, my voice and my body to help me through, I’ve thought, “is this all there is?”. I always made it through. With each time I built on that faith and trust that I would make it through, even if my body was screaming “this sucks!”.

I am pretty lucky in that I am able-bodied person the majority of the time. But if you’ve ever been knocked on your butt in pain, in the moment you know too that it always feels like one time too many.

In those moments I learned how to deal, somehow. I drew upon experience as a birth doula and added techniques from the healers I’ve worked with or learned from along the way. Mostly, I learned by listening to my own body and guidance system.

I was pleased to learn that the same basic embodiment techniques of breathing, listening to and feeling my body, and embracing the pain and dialoguing with the sensations that got me through hard times can be easily taught to others.

I have guided people through birth, postpartum, menstrual cramps, medical procedures, miscarriages, anxiety attacks and other times when stress is high and pain is reaching its peak. Like so many of you, I have sat beside pain and found a way through.

Breathing. Embracing the bodily sensations. Opening communication. That’s the basic toolkit of embodiment that we all have access to.

These are the essential built-in embodiment tools that help us cope and move into a better feeling space.

Better yet, those simple embodiment skills can be used to help build a guidance system and facilitate communication with your body to assist decision making, tapping into your creativity, and bringing your dreams into the world.

So here’s to coming home to your body, honoring yourself and bringing a little comfort and beauty into your core.

Take good care,