People often ask what I specialize in as an acupuncturist and herbalist. 

It seems to be more of a matter of who I tend to attract into my practice, and how I deliver medicine rather than what specific ailments I treat.

Complex, Chronic, Fall-Through-the-Cracks Conditions

I know what it’s like to have conventional medicine tell you, “I’m sorry, we can’t help you”.

Even if you are receiving effective care from Western medicine modalities, acupuncture, herbs, supplements and self-care rituals can help bolster your entire system when you are dealing with hard to treat issues like endometriosis, chronic fatigue, environmental toxicity, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, allergies, PMS and so on.


I often treat sensitive people, both physically sensitive and highly sensitive, empathetic people.

Acupuncture is extremly supportive for the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of us as well. The symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, ancestral disconnection, addiction, sleep disturbances, spiritual awakenings and healing crisis respond beautifully to herbalism and Chinese medicine including Shiatsu and acupuncture.

A Passion for Herbalism

I deeply love herbal medicine. I use Chinese and western herbs, in many different types of preparations. I offer stand alone herbal appointments, and offer herbs as a part of all my acupuncture and shiatsu sessions. 

An indicators of a positive change in one’s health is the willingness to brew and drink an herbal tea. There is something about making a yummy cup of tea that is so therapeutic.

Sensitive Folks

When I look back at the last 5 years of clinical practice, I notice that above all else, what I ended up working with the most, even more than a certain type of health concern, is anxiety and sensitivities. Many people I have worked with prefer gentle needling with guided breathwork to create a calm, grounding experience. 

Perhaps this is because I have been there myself – there have been times that I have been highly sensitive to needles, just showing me a needle made me squirm. But with some simple strategies, I have learned to respect and listen to the voice of the body and work with our own unique sensitivities to the maximum benefit.

Moxa: Chinese Heat Therapy

I use moxa often. It is what got me into Chinese medicine in the first place. Moxa is short for “Moxabustion”, and it is a Chinese medical form of local heat therapy made from the herb mugwort. There are many types of moxa, but most of the time I use a moxa stick that I light over a candle. The lighted tip becomes hot and red, like an incense stick. It is waved over a painful area or acupuncture point or channel, and gives a feeling of warmth and movement to areas that are blocked or in pain.

Embodiment Rituals

I like to do meditation and relaxation techniques with people on the table. And I love creating small but supportive rituals of self-care for people.

IF YOU FEEL like a chronic infection or condition just won’t resolve,

if you sometimes feel extra-sensitive,

if you are looking for an individualized herbal protocol,

if you are craving moxa (or curious if you’ve never tried it),

and you desire guidance into creating self-care rituals,

I’m here.

Physical Conditions

All that being said, there are conditions for which I have a special passion. Some are ones that I have had myself and know intimately, some are ones that I’ve researched and studied extensively, and some are ones that I just plain enjoy and get excited to work with.

Pain of Any Type

Acupuncture is especially therapeutic for treating any kind of pain, discomfort and misalignment in the physical body. I often treat the repercussions of motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) or other acute injuries and inflammation, as well as chronic pain and dysfunction like arthritis, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, diastasis rectus (abdominal separation), SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction, auto-immune conditions, fibromyalgia and other pain conditions.

Infections and Immune Support

One of my favorite things to treat is chronic and acute infections and immune system imbalances. Herbalism and acupuncture are very adept at helping the body through healing of things from the common cold and stomach bugs, skin infections including MRSA, acne, eczema, allergies, and symptoms of ongoing infections like Lyme, Epstein-Barr (a contributing factor to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), H Pylori (contributing to GERD/reflux). 


Digestive disorders are overlooked in our culture, and often difficult to treat in conventional settings. But around the world in other cultures, digestive disturbances like indigestion, bloating, poor appetite, IBS, IBD and reflux are taken seriously and treated promptly because digestion is the basis of how we build health and vitality.

I completed my master’s research project in East Asian medical therapies for leaky gut syndrome  because I have seen it (as well as chronic food intolerances) undermine the entire body’s ability to thrive to our full potential. 

Womb, Pelvic and Postpartum Health

Many acupuncture practitioners specialize in the popular topics of fertility and pregnancy, but there is less focus on menstrual disorders and postpartum recovery. I deeply wish to change this, as menstruation and the postpartum time are integral parts of a woman’s experience of feeling supported in her body.  

From menstrual cramps, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, PMS and mental-emotional ups and downs, the discomfort of IUDs or dealing with life after birth control pills, I am passionate about helping to restore balance to this innate part of a woman’s life. 

Prior to starting my own family, I was a Birth Doula and has been supporting women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum since 2006. I make postpartum sitz baths and simple yet effective herbal teas for postpartum recovery, as well as providing acupuncture to help physically and emotionally heal. I love to do moxabustion over the abdomen as the body readjusts to life after pregnancy.

Infants and Children

I love working with infants and children. Little ones respond beautifully to the subtle and gentle shifts that Chinese medicine and herbalism can give. Things commonly treated are: digestive upset, body alignment and developmental milestones, sleep, each aches, colds and flus and stomach bugs, recovering from illnesses, teething discomforts, anxiety and sensitivities. 

For people in the Portland area, I can do home visits for treating little ones, or can see them in an office setting. I also offer phone consults to guide the use of herbs for common ailments. 

Any questions?

Please reach out if you are wondering about working together. Email, use a contact form or text!

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