What happens in the sky happens in you

Find out how Pisces season might feel like for you

Do you ever feel your astrology curiosity being piqued, but the last thing you (and your body) want to do is delve into a ton of books or endlessly scroll the internet? 

Information overload is real.

So is feeling like you don’t know enough.

Luckily with astrology, we feel what is going on out there in the sky within us, collectively and personally.

All you need to do it listen in.

This guide can give you ideas about how the boundarylessness, empathy, illusive states and emotionality of Pisces season might play out in you.

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Pisces season is one of great compassion, care and sensitivity, because the normal boundaries which separate us are wavy at best.

During this time of year, we are all under the influence of this great magnifier and melder of feelings.

How are the energies of Pisces reflected in your body and being?

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This 12 page free Pisces Season workbook includes:

pisces season embodiment guide
  • Info about how the Pisces style is embodied in different parts of ourselves including: the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies
  • Ideas for Pisces-inspired food and eating, movement, stones, colors and herbal teas
  • Self-tending style of Pisces season
  • Journal prompts
  • Postseason reflection questions
  • Pisces Keywords and general info

I'm Celia; an astrology-lover and a body-centric feeler

These workbooks came out of being an astrology lover as well as a body-centric feeler. Being a "body-centric feeler" means my body, thoughts and emotions are like barometers of what's going on with the environments and world around me.

While feeling into astrological seasons, I noticed that there are personal and collective feelings and themes that predictably flow through the year.

And the more I pay attention, the better hold I have on what the heck is going on. With me, and out there.

Sometimes I use the seasonal themes and feelings to my advantage by applying their particular nuances to creative goals, healing, home life and relationships and see that the efforts fruits with more ease. Seasonal astrological themes are also good to keep in mind and heart while imagining a better world for each other.

Use this workbook as inspiration and as a tool for reflection. At the end are reflections prompts. These are just suggestions. YOU will know what ideas are the most valuable to explore.

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