In 2002, Celia steeped her first individualized herbal tea blend for a wicked sore throat and quickly felt better. Ever since, she has been immersed in botanical medicine.

From migraines to menstrual cramps, from immune support to insomnia, herbs can help you feel better, quicker.

Herbal medicines are affordable, enjoyable to use and are easily utilized by the body. They address the underling reasons for the disease process rather than simply suppressing or masking symptoms.

Whether Chinese or Western herbs, or through tinctures, teas, sitz baths, essential oil blends, poultices or steams, Celia uses the mild therapeutic action of herbal medicine to help the body restore the balance it is looking for.

"Herbalism is an effective, natural, and inexpensive system of healing readily available to every human who chooses to use it. We have eons of human experience to validate it"

- Rosemary Gladstar

New Client Herbal Consult - $50

Follow-Up Herbal Consult - $35

Phone Consult - $30