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How To Be Embodied During Airy Gemini Season

Welcome to versatile Gemini Season, a time where you can connect with others, express freely and follow the trail of your immense curiosity. The Gemini season quest for knowledge does not result in the finding the answer. It only makes you question everything more. For this reason (and many others), Gemini season can feel ungrounding. In this article I will talk about what Gemini season and Gemini energy is like, and offer suggestions about how to anchor into our body via embodiment during this Airy, restless time.

My Astro Embodiment Resource for you

The Gemini Season Embodiment Guide is here! It is a free 13 page guide to give you some ideas about how the Gemini style might be expressed on the different levels of your being.

This guide is not a definitive set of “the way it is”. Instead, I hope it serves as a jumping off place for you to reflect upon how the season feels for you, in your body, in this place and time.

All astrology seasons will feel different to each of us, because we are individuals with different backgrounds, cultural inheritances and personal experiences, and also because each astrological season will correspond to a certain area of your chart.

The Astro Embodiment Guides can also be used to understand the Gemini area of your chart.

For example, we are all in the astrological season of Gemini from mid-May to mid-June. The Sun is moving through this sign and Gemini energy is being amplified to us on Earth.

There is also a Gemini part of your birth chart. It will align with a certain house (I use whole sign houses but this is true even if you use a different house system), and that part of your chart may or may not have planets and points in it. If the Gemini part of your chart appears empty, it is still ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is indeed somewhere (in another house and sign), doing something (creating aspects) with somebody (other planets and points). AND the Gemini part of your chart will be activated during transits through it.

Nobody is let off the astrological hook. None of us can escape or avoid Gemini – or any sign.

These embodiment guides can help you understand how they work in your chart.

These are ones from the past available for download: Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Follow the links and look around on the pages for where you can download them. Some are on their own webpages, and some are a pop-up box like this one for Gemini.

This Gemini Season Embodiment workbook includes: 

  • Info about how the Gemini style may come show up for the different parts of ourselves:
    • embodiment for the physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual and energetic body
  • Gemini-inspired food and movement ideas
  • Gemini associated stones, colors and herbal tea inspiration
  • Self-tending style of Gemini season
  • Journal prompts
  • Postseason reflection questions
  • Gemini Keywords

printed paper guide that says gemini season embodiment guide

Mercury, Hermes, Thoth and Djehuti

Gemini is the first Air sign of the zodiac cycle. The first sign of an element is related to the Body, the second to the Soul, and the third to the Spirit. I have heard various trinity-esq interpretations about the three levels of the elements, and this particular one I heard from Mathis De Stefano (who is doubly fun to listen to if you want practice your Spanish).

This places Gemini as related to the Body, Libra to the Soul and Aquarius to the Spirit. What feels paradoxical to me is that Libra is ruled by Venus, a very embodied planet, and Gemini is ruled by Mercury, a very mental sign.

If you look deeper, however, you will notice that Libra is the only inanimate object of the Zodiac – although they appear sensual and cultured, Libras are often drawn to social contacts, the arts, high culture and physical comfort because they need ties to the earthly realm.

The names we use for the zodiac are Roman. But the astrological roots of Western astrology are in the ancient civilizations of the Middle East, and then later in the Hellenistic world.

In Greek mythology, Mercury is Hermes. Unlike Mercury, Hermes is more than a simple messenger God. Hermes works with the Caduceus, the healing staff wrapped with a snake (sometimes one, sometimes two).

Snake has so many meanings and I cannot possibly give this powerful living symbol justice in a short blog entry. Snake is something I am constantly working with and trying to understand along with Bear.

But in regards to Hermes, the Snake shows duality of healing: on one hand, a poisonous snake can kill, on the other, the venom can be used to create healing medicines and antidotes.

Hermes understands how to work with a central component of Gemini energy: duality. Within the one expression there can be life and death, and working with both brings you closer to understanding the unity between them.

Hermes has ties to Thoth of Ancient Egypt, a human turned deity who embodied the passing down of important wisdom (just like the snake, Thoth is many things and can be studied for a lifetime). Prior to becoming Thoth (a Greek name), he was called Djehuti and was a scribe, word-magician, measurer and scientist, inventor of writing and keeper of records, and layer of the foundations of the next humanity as the blue beings from Arcturus showed him how to build pyramids, which themselves were portals of activation and communication.

From a website representing some ancient attributions of Thoth/=Djehuti:

Roles: God of Documentation, Lord of Time, God of knowledge, maintaining the universe, arbitration of godly disputes, the arts of magic, the system of writing, the development of science, and the judgment of the dead. Wrote the divine book and book of magic.

Offering items

  • Writing tablet, notebook
  • Pens, pencils, ink
  • Paper such as papyrus 
  • Lavender
  • Old book
  • Siting Baboon figure

Thoth was depicted having an Ibis head or as a Baboon. When I am dreaming of Thoth, the Blue Baboon is his representative.

Both creatures are associated with wisdom. The Baboon is seen doing what appears as meditation in tree groves, and is quite social, communicative (some say they have one of the most advanced non-human primate languages which includes vowel sounds) and highly curious.

The Ibis is a water bird living around the banks of the Nile. They were thought to tend the papyrus, and the Papyrus was associated with the wisdom which was written upon it. I can’t help but think of the Blue Heron that lived around the Well of Wisdom in Irish lore, next to the 9 Hazel trees and Salmon.

De Stefano says that in ancient times, the wise people were able to communicate the wisdom of the universe via nature, vibration and minerals and stones. But when that form of communication was lost or disrupted, the need for writing as the main way to keep records and teach arose. Djehuty was the one to create writing, especially handwriting (as opposed to the laborious carving into stones).

All of these attributes of Thoth/Djehuty sound very Gemini-like to me. They also remind me of the other Mercury-rules sign, Virgo, especially the building aspects.

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Duality and Versatility

During Gemini season, you can feel like an actor on a stage. You can try on different costumes and test personas, but in the end, you are not attached to any one of them. Instead, you know them all a little bit.

In fact, you may be drawn to listening to music, watch movies or turn on the radio more than you normally do during Gemini time. Music as well as watching performances, because of their emotional natures, are ways that we can feel into different personas.

The song stuck in my head for Gemini season this year is Boston’s More than a Feeling. I’ve heard this classic rock song my whole life but am only now understanding that it is about being swept up in a song on the radio. The singer, Brad Delp was a Gemini Sun (and we actually have the same birthday – I am a Gemini Sun, too).

Gemini energy is not committed to or certain about opinions, ideas, interpretations of the truth or even reality itself. This can be another contributor to the ungroundedness of this season.

From Skyscript:

“Yet the flexibility of character that Geminians possess has often been seen as a demonstration of their ability to be two things at once – both the victor and the victim; the healer and the invalid; the teacher and the student; the integration of opposites that never fully separates one partner from the other.”


“This fusion occurs only after independent experience of both extremes has been absorbed, which requires that the antithesis of love, hate; confidence, insecurity; praise and insult; trust and falseness are first encountered as singular incidents before being recognised as two faces of the same coin.”

My experience with Gemini energy is to recognize and most importantly acknowledge when the large variety of thoughts, ideas, experiences and connections is come through you. Then you don’t have to feel so lost knowing which one is “right” or which one you should act on. Feel the variety and then later, the one that made the most lasting impression will remain in your consciousness and is probably a better direction in which to head.

It is like listening to a bunch of music and seeing which song is the one that gets stuck in your head. More than a feeling…when I hear that old song they used to play…

Or better yet, work with the other more focused parts of your chart to help you with implementation and follow-through.

How to ground while you are up in the air with Gemini Season

Nothing is certain except change itself with Gemini energy. 

This can be a welcome time of a long overdue sense of understanding, unexpected and joyous new ideas, friendliness and closeness, as well as connecting to every layer of reality and time.

Gemini does not discriminate between facts and myths, and does not inhibit the ways in which you express yourself. Anything that helps you feel light, energized and at one with the people, beings (people as well as critters, plants, even the Earth itself) places and atmosphere around you.

Your consciousness can be flooded, seemingly out of nowhere. It really can seem like too much, too fast. Especially after the incredibly earthy, steady Taurus season.

Luckily, Gemini season (and again, the Gemini part of your chart – I  know I repeat that but it is important) has a couple of built-in tethers to the body and the here-and-now: the hands and the breath.

Gemini rules the hands along with the arms, shoulders and lungs. This is a great time of year to use your hands in ways that feel incredibly satisfying to you. And it is a fabulous time to focus on breathing.

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The power of touch

Touch is a large part of the purpose of the hands. Touch is an important sense for gathering information, and it is the only sense we could actually perish if we are deprived from experiencing it.

One of the largest sources of neurotransmitters is in the web between the thumb and index finger; when you use your hands, your brain and body receive positive feedback.

Unfortunately, using your hands for swiping on a phone or typing on a keyboard does not release neurotransmitters in the same way – the key is to bring the fingers and thumb together to hold and manipulate.

The hands and heart form from the same embryonic tissue. I think that is why we associate feeling with them both, although being held as a baby to the chest and heart has something to do with this too.

In Chinese medicine, the Heart, Pericardium and Lung channels connect the palms of the hands to the deep layers of the chest. The Heart organ system is the deepest connection to our soul and spirit, and the Pericardium organ system tries to protect the vulnerability of the Heart.

Both of these meridians have points in the center of the palm – the Pericardium point is more towards the thumb, and the Heart towards the pinky side. The Pericardium point in particular is the point associated with the Stigmata markings. It is a place on the hands deeply connected to the love of the Heart in the center of our being (and isn’t it interesting that the blood of the stigmata smells of Roses, a flower of the heart?).

There are also minor chakras in the palms of the hands. When you work with the hands, like through hand massage or acupressure, energy work, self massage of the rest of the body or of another (like petting a dog), or do any sort of hand-centered work (like arts, crafts or even simple chores), the hands can become activated and receptive energy centers. In short, working with the hands enriches our daily human experiences.

Grounding tip for Gemini Season #1: Give yourself a hand massage.

Have you ever given yourself a hand massage? Wow, it is incredible how much sensation and feedback you can have from massaging your own hands. Who know they could be so tight and tender?

Even if your hands are not tender when you massage them, you still receive incredibly positive neurological feedback during and after a hand massage (feet work this way too). When I was a birth doula I recall reading research that people in labor felt a 60% decrease of pain while having a hand massage – which you should note was the same percentage of relief as getting an epidural.

Can a hand massage be as powerful of a pain reliever as an epidural? The survey said yes. (FYI it was called Listening to Mother and I am trying to find it to post a link).

Simple hand massage to assist with Gemini Embodiment

  • The hands can take quite of bit of pressure. Squeeze the palm with both the thumb and fingertips of the opposite hand, then pinch and release the webs between the fingers, up the fingers on all sides, and particularly around the nail bed and tip of the fingers.
  • Repeat on the other hand.
  • Notice how you feel afterwards. What type of sensations do you feel? The will be buzzing and alive, with their own sense of the heartbeat strongly activated within them.
  • Most importantly: What images of intuition or thoughts come through?Notice how your brain and mood feel after the hand massage. If you practice this regularly and pay attention, you may catch how a hand massage alters your nervous system.
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rose petals laid out

Fresh Breath of Air

The second way to get embodied during Gemini season is through the breath.

I am reticent to list a breathing exercise, because there are so many variations, and it is best for you to see what you and your body need at the moment.

There are also a plethora of things to do to activate the lungs other than breath work, from Qi Gong, twisting, various lung capacity exercises like any sort of cardio, hiking at elevation, simply being outside for long periods of time, cleaning your house of dust, chest tapping, singing and vocalizing and so on.

However, 4 Square breathing is always a great place to start and it is so simple and effective.

Grounding tip for an embodied Gemini season #2: 4 Square Breathing

  • Breathe in for 4 counts
  • Hold for 4 counts
  • Exhale for 4 counts
  • Hold for 4 counts
  • Do for at least 10 breaths

I am currently going through a lot of lung issues as I kill the Lyme co-infections, with Mycoplasma being the most detrimental to my lungs. Int the past I have had multiple pneumonia from this bacteria. The thing about Lyme that many people do not realize is that the Lyme spirochete creates a complicated immune situation where the body accumulates random infections that would not be a problem if Lyme was not present.

One of the symptoms I regularly experience is air hunger. I become so starved for air that I have to lay down and breath in a purposeful way to send the message to my brain that I indeed have enough air.

The way I do this is by placing the entire focus of my breath on my nostrils, nasal airway and upper palate. In this way I am “tasting” the air, and this seems to make my brain feel the most satisfied. Remember that the upper palate is a part of functional breathing, it moves, shifts, expands and contracts with each breath.

I say this to remind you to play around with the breath. I have always been drawn to breath work and meditation but I never loved doing these things in the typical ways I was presented with from a book or a class. I don’t love to sit and breath, and “watch the thoughts float by like clouds in the sky without being attached to them”. Instead I feel into my body and follow what feels good and helpful, and I always suggest you do the same.

Gemini season is open to all options, and is about learning and listening. This includes learning from the body, the breath, the hands – ask you body and it will tell you what it wants to do.

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Bonus grounding tip: The power of an ongoing conversation

This third area of helping to ground during Gemini season will once again be a highly personal one.

Gemini season is fabulous for being able to talk things out. If there is a situation, problem, desire, goal or the like that has been on your mind, speaking about it during this time can help you get clarity, understanding and direction.

Grounding tip for an embodied Gemini season #3: Talk it out

  • What has been on your mind but still feel unresolved about? Speak into a voice recorder app on your phone (or any other way you like to record things, like a making a video) about what is going on, how you fell about it, and what your potential options are.
  • Listen to the recording within a few hours. What do you notice when you listen to it?
  • A singular answer is unlikely to arrive – it’s Gemini season, after all. This is about naming the issue as you are able to speak freely about it, not solving the problem. This is about speaking, hearing and naming what is going on and viewing it from a different perspective with more space and fresh air surrounding it.
  • Keep doing this as much as it feels good. Keep an ongoing conversation going with yourself, and you will be pointed to more and more sophisticated questions and keen observations about what is going on.
  • As opposed to solving a problem, you are identifying the problems with much greater awareness, which in turn give you clarity and direction.

There was a practice of within the alchemy/folk medicine/shamanic side of Chinese medicine (and I assume it is still practiced today in some spaces) that took very seriously the naming of a disease of making a diagnosis as well as writing out the formula/treatment. Naming the disease was half the work of creating transformation.

There were and still are practices around the world that emphasize the making of a treatment of formula. It may seem superstitious (and indeed it really can be, as well as overly materialistic – intention is important here) but it also potentially has a great deal of power in holding a piece of paper with medicines carefully written upon it.

I often save formulas written for me, the ones that were truly transformational. Of course I want to keep a record of what worked so I can use it in the future if needed, but I also hold on to them because they are a part of my health story. The formulas remind me of that healing is possible, and that I have had moments of medicines and my body and being aligning to usher me into the next stage of my health story.

Health Storytelling can be really powerful at this time now. I talk about this a little bit in the free Gemini Season Embodiment Guide – in case you want it you can sign up to get it emailed to you here:

Flying the social waves – and maybe needing a break

Like all Air seasons – this is a time to connect to others.

Yet because of the propensity of Gemini to fly along social currents and be highly mental, empathic overwhelm can occur (even for non-empaths, it’s that bad – but perhaps not as pronounced as during Aquarius season).

There is so much going on all the time, and Gemini understands and rides the waves of media as an expression of the collective voice. In our modern world, this can lead to mental burnout, or at least contribute to anxiety simply from too much info coming into your head and body. 

I hope the simple tips of tuning into the breath and practicing a hand massage can help with regulation of the nervous system.

In the end, you may need to unplug a little – or a lot. Each year during Gemini time I disconnect from social media. It is not the best use of my creative energy, nor is it the ideal way I want to connect with others. I prefer good old fashioned text, calls, letters, hanging out with neighbors (I live in a dense urban area), and meeting with friends if possible. Gemini season helps me clarify what I truly need.

peach rose opening up

In closing: honor the duality of Gemini season

Gemini relates to the individual experience and sees them all as valid, different yet connected.

The myth of the Gemini twins was that one was mortal and one was immortal, and because they loved each other so much, they could not bear to be separated and pleaded to maintain their connection through being made into a constellation.

It is as if every being, past and present, is a single neuron of a larger organism with their own specialties and purposes. In older times, the analogy was that Gemini was a traveller tapping into the different ports of the same ocean.

Revel in the differences within your own self and the world around you as a way to honor the source from which it came and is a part of.

Happy Embodied Gemini Season to you!

Take good care,


PS: Just in case you missed it, here is the button for the Gemini Season Embodiment Guide:

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