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How to Ground into Taurus Season with an Herbal Tea Ritual

Astro-herbology is a huuuuuge topic. You can spend a life time learning about how herbs and planets relate, and when to use which herbs, and so on. And while I am all in favor learning all the things, sometimes I want to put the information aside and ask the body “what would you like?”.

That investigation is the foundation of herbal tea rituals. Astrology-inspired and intention-fueled tea rituals are where you can reflect on the attributes you wish to draw in or honor. They are a different way to engage with plants, listen to the body and feel into the astrological weather around you.

But before I write about how to create an intention-led Taurus season herbal tea ritual of your own, I want to share how this post came about in the first place.

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Assessing why you do what you do

Have you ever been through a crisis of faith?

A point in your growth where you question all the knowledge and experience you have acquired thus far and wonder, is this real? Why do this at all? 

I went through this with Western herbalism (that was intense because I had so much external ego wrapped up in being an “herbalist”), and then again with Chinese medicine (where I wondered, does this medicine really work or are people just getting better because they are relaxing on a table and supported in telling their health stories that nobody else has the time to listen to? Then I saw how much my dog responded to acupuncture and herbs and knew it was not beyond just human connection and the placebo effect :).

I haven’t really gone through a faith crisis with Astrology, however.

Perhaps this is because I never really feel strongly into thinking that it is “real” or that it “works”. I approach astrology with a sense of wonder and discovery. 

Astrology is led by my curiosity:

Why have ancient people all over the world been obsessed with the stars? 

Where did these myths come from? 

Why do I feel a certain way when X planet does Y?

How come each spring/summer/winter/fall I predictably think about/go through/feel like __?

I don’t take it too seriously, though I take my curiosity seriously. I don’t have a lot of faith in it and thus am not eligible for a faith crisis.

But I will tell you what I HAVE had many a faith crisis about: Creating.

Having a chronic illness prompts me to assess where I am spending my precious energy and why.

And lately I have been wondering: why I even talk about astrology tea rituals at all. I mean, I like them of course, but what is the point (if any?) besides simply doing what I love?

Note: there is value in doing what you love simply for you and you alone. I truly believe that. You don’t have to have a big reason to justify anything. This, in fact, is a lesson of Taurus season: do what you value for how it makes you feel.

But yet there was an internal pressure was asking me to go deeper.

The purpose and value of astrologically-inspired and intention-led tea rituals remains solid for me.

In the simplest way to describe these types of tea rituals is they help bring life, form and expression to your intentions. And those intentions are based on the astrological and seasonal environment around you, in this season and at this point in time.

I have written about why I love them since Capricorn season (here are the ones for Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries if you want to check them out). 

So I asked the body

Per usual, it took me a while to remember that I can ask my body and being (“being” is one way to describe all of the layers that compose you: emotional body, mental body, energetic/spiritual body and so on).

When I did, I recalled the reasons I did this in the past: for creative fun, for the love of photos and tea, for the love of writing and sharing. 

The personal reasons for doing them remain the same…not much has changed.

But the point of contention arose when I had to face WHY am I writing about this each month?

Writing is sometimes painful and I need a strong WHY in order to sit down in front of a computer to do it.

pink cecil brunner rose

What I found was (not surprisingly) Taurean in nature.

The creative expression pieces were still there, but of more importance were the solidifying nature of staying the course.

Why, body, is it worth it to do this?

  • To get me to stick to something
  • To continue to honor the body intelligence style of learning
  • To make examples of how easy and accessible tea blending can be if you follow an intention
  • To work through discomfort and unknowing and doing it anyways
  • To build on something, to make a foundation
  • To feel into the body about astrology – it is in me and I can feel it, why not work with it?

These are Earthy in the way that I was encouraged to keep building, keep plant the seeds, keep going, complete the foundation. Taurus is an Earth sign and everything will take on that style this time of year.

These reason are related to energy of the Fixed signs – stabilizing, continuing, not into change or innovation unless absolutely necessary or strongly internally motivated.

Indeed Taurus energy wants to create something of value, worthy, beauty, but most of all – sustenance.

The message is: challenge yourself to stay the course, and connect the tasks to that which your heart values to keep steady

The basic structure of an Intention-led Astrologically-Inspired Tea Ritual:

If you wish to make intentions for Taurus season and to create your own Taurus season herbal tea ritual, check out this basic structure for inspiration.

1. Settle into how the astrology season feels

Begin by gathering the associations and relationships you already have with Taurus, Taurus season, or with Venus, the ruler of Taurus.

How does this time of year make you feel?

2. Gather info about how the astrology season

Use your own personal associations along with any relevant info about Taurus energy to create your own list of Taurus season themes that come to mind. These are going to be used as inspiration for creating your tea.

Here are a few of my own:

Taurus Season Impressions/Themes

  • Harmony, beauty, sensuous
  • Protection, abundance, security
  • Earthy, grounded
  • Venus, connection, love
  • Throat related herbs, herbs to help facilitate the speaking of deep, hidden feelings
  • Planning, prosperity, manifestation
  • Cozy chair, comfy socks, beautiful blanket with your favorite mug
  • Garden inspired tea blends
  • Body care herbs for anointing, sensuality, pleasure, embodiment, body positivity 
  • Add the Earth element into the creation of tea blends, like drinking tea outside or offering some of your tea to the Earth or the roots of a beloved garden plant.

Taurus Season Embodiment Guide: An Astrological resource for you

Taurus Season Guide

Each astrological season I write out how the energy lands in my body and being as a tool for understanding themes that may arise. As time goes on, I am seeing how different astrology seasons feel different, and how I might best work with the energies of that time.

Embodiment for the Taurus time of year – AND the Taurus part of your chart

This exploration is not limited to the astrology season only, because we ALL all all astrology energies in our charts.

For example, we ALL have a Taurus part of our chart. Even if you do not have a planet or point in the Taurus part of your chart, A) the ruler Venus is somewhere, and B) planets transit through Taurus.

One of those transits is Uranus. Currently, Uranus is in grounded and stable Taurus and is provoking all sorts of changes, innovations, chaos in unexpected and unconventional ways. Taurus does not like change – they may be the most change-adverse sign of them all…unless the change comes from within and there is no other options. Then Taurus will get behind a change – especially if it means a more solid foundation can be built to last even longer than the old ones. If it can improve on the Earth, support fecundity, and bring feelings of safety and security, then Taurus will be all in.

Uranus started going into Taurus in 2018 and will be here until 2026. This part of your chart will be going through some changes, to say the least!

This Taurus Season Embodiment workbook includes: 

  • Info about how the Taurus style may come show up for the different parts of ourselves:
    • embodiment for the physical body, food and eating ideas and movement
    • emotional body, mental body, spiritual and energetic body
    • stones, colors and herbs
  • Self-tending style of Taurus season
  • Journal prompts
  • Postseason reflection questions
  • Taurus Keywords

3. Record your intentions for the astrology season

I don’t always create intentions for astrologically inspired tea rituals. It really depends on what I am going through and what I am working towards. Sometimes my intention is to meditate on a certain part of my body. Yet other times, I am compelled to define and record specific intentions as if I am outlining a structure I am about to build.

For Taurus season, I am often in an intention-creating phase. Maybe it is because of the Earth and Fixed nature of this sign?

The tricky thing for me is that Taurus energy is pre-verbal, like Aries. Both of these signs come before Gemini, the time where we begin to take advantage of the power of language. What this means for me is that I feel called to create intentions for working with Taurus season, but I have a hard time putting them to words.

This is where working with plants can help. Plants (and animals) are not verbal in the same ways we humans are, but yet they communicate just like we do.

When I work with plants, I like to sink into my heart center and speak my intentions from there. It’s a different way to communicate, and it is not as obvious, but you can feel it after a few tries.

Intentions help us organize and execute what it is that we wish to work with and what we desire as an outcome.

Organize your thoughts into a central intention or two, or three. Perhaps it’s distilled down to a single word or feeling.

Record your intentions in a way that is useful, easy and meaningful to you, such as writing them on a simple piece of paper or a journal.

hawthorn rose tea blend in glass jar

4. Create your intention-led herbal tea based

A tea ritual can be as simple as steeping your favorite teabag in your favorite mug while reflecting on your wishes and intentions for the upcoming season.

Since I love herbs, I often create a custom blend. But this is totally not necessary. Do what works for you.

Herbal Ideas for Taurus Season

Pick your own inspiration. qualities you’d like to awaken or honor.

  • Those which emphasize grounding and solidity like Burdock, Dandelion Root, Red Root (with an affinity for throat problems and expression), Licorice, Eleuthero, Astragalus, Shiitake and other mushrooms.
  • Heart-opening herbs related to Venus to assist with getting in touch with buried passions and emotions, like Rose, Hawthorn Flowers and Berries, Linden, Mimosa, Peony, Lavender, Motherwort, Bupleurum, Pulsatilla.
  • Nourishing tonics to steadily build and support over the long haul like Milky Oats, Alfalfa, Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover, Nettle, Gotu Kola.
  • Herbs to help assist with movement and transformation, to get up out of a rut. These will vary based on the individual and manifestations; but here are a few: Agrimony, Spearmint, Rosemary, Citrus, Bacopa, Ginger.

5. As your tea steeps, prep your ritual space)

Create an altar and/or find a cozy spot, for instance.

6. Review and reflect upon your intentions. Infuse your intentions into the tea, drink

Connect with the cup which holds your tea, the bodies of the herbs which hold their properties and energies, and the vessel of your body.

7. Close

Do whatever you are inspired to complete the ritual (perhaps some expression regarding the embodiment of your intentions?), give thanks, close

herbal tea ingredients on green tray with pink roses

My own blend

My own blend was inspired by the the way I feel during Taurus season.

During Taurus season, all I want to do is sit on the Earth in my garden and watch the plants, and walk about my neighborhood looking at the plants beyond my tiny urban lot. I do this all year, it’s true, but it is especially potent during Taurus time. I want to do this even more.

I wanted to bring in the ephemeral beauty of the Roses in my May garden, the Fairy Tree aka May Tree aka Hawthorn in flower (I have a long post and about Hawthorn here), and by the way Damiana can tap into and circulate Yang within the body.

A little bit of Hibiscus and Rose Hips were added to infuse the entire tea with a rich red color. Both have a sour, astringent taste which imparts a sense of pulling together or holding, which I like for Earthy Taurus season.

I could’ve added herbs for the Earth element within the body, like Wild Yam, White Peony, Poria (Fu Ling, a Chinese herb), and many many others.

But for herbal tea rituals, I go in whatever direction I am taken. This year when I thought of Taurus season, all I could think about was Hawthorn Flowers and Roses.

Hawthorn, Rose and Damiana Tea blend for Taurus Season

  • Hawthorn leaf and flower
  • Rosebuds and petals
  • Damiana
  • Hibiscus
  • Rose Hips
  • Cardamom seeds
  • Licorice
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon

I mix these in a glass jar and steep, straining the tea into one of my favorite fancy cups.

candle and tea cup with window in background

There is no right or wrong way to conduct this type of feeling and intention led ritual. What I suggest is just that: suggestions. Make it your own.

But do NOT worry about making it perfect, putting pressure on yourself to know or do a bunch of fancy stuff.

Happy Taurus Season to you – or to exploring the Taurus energy within your own chart at any time of the year.

Take good care,


PS Here’s the Taurus Season Embodiment Guide again in case you missed it:

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