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Aquarius Season and Skullcap – a match made in the stars

I’m going to go out on a limb and make a guess that you, like me, are often physically and mentally burnt out, fantasizing about hibernating under a mound of blankets and zoning out. Luckily for us, Skullcap is an excellent pairing for Aquarius season!

Netflix is practically synonymous with zoning out nowadays. My zone out of choice is listening to random music and making a waaaaaay too long Aquarius musician playlist. Because apparently you never know when you are going to want to listen to Billy Ocean on repeat? (Seriously though, those Aquarius musicians are indeed some of the most revolutionary, innovating and surprising artists out there.)

Aquarius time of year is special to me because my own Moon is in Aquarius, and Aquarius is in my 10th house, the most externally prominent part of our entire charts, often known as the House of Career or Fame. It should not be a “zone out” time of year for me, being in this particular house.

Then why do I have such a hard time with this time of year? Because my Moon is there, which represents our animal body (among other things), so I think I am extra sensitive to how Aquarius energy can become imbalanced, and quickly. Like a skittish dog on the 4th of July.

Aquarius can be a little…electric

You don’t have to have a lot of Aquarius energy going on to feel that this time of year can be very ungrounding. Aquarius reflects how we deal with information and psychic overload, and it can lead to feeling into what’s wrong with society without a clear path as how to change it in the real world. 

My astrological resources for you

If you’d like to explore how the Aquarius style may show up in all layers of your body, please check out my free 11 page guide. 

This Starry Embodiment workbook includes: 

  • Info about how the Aquarius style may come show up for the different parts of ourselves including:
    • embodiment for the physical body, food and eating and movement
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  • Self-tending style of Aquarius season
  • Journal prompts
  • Postseason reflection questions
  • Aquarius Keywords

(Also check out this post where I talk about the ever-streaming stream that is Aquarius season, among other things.)

On a mundane level, sometimes we can spin out on consuming too much electricity and having way too much screen time, and not enough time in nature or in our bodies. This can lead to extra anxiety. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the gifts of this season. We all need to put on our visionary hats and create the next iteration of a more just and better run world for us all. But we need to make sure we nourish our already overwrought nervous systems in the process.

skullcap in jar on altar
aquarius embodiment guide on altar
skullcap in jar with roses and candle

Nervines to the rescue!

In this post, I am going to talk about how Aquarius season calls for herbal nervines, and how it can be easy to use simple herbs to help calm the nervous system. Nervines are a category of herbs that work on the nervous system, which I’ll talk a little about later.

I hope that you will see how easy it is to make a mentally restorative and emotionally balancing nervine tea as you explore how Aquarius season might feel for you, even if you are an herbal newbie.

Skullcap for Aquarius Season

The nervous system can be on overdrive when Astrologically:

  • Aquarius season comes around 
  • It’s the Aquarius Full Moon (which happens during Leo season when many of us in the Northern hemisphere are dried out and fried from the heat of the summer)
  • The Aquarius part of our charts is strong (like if you have an Aquarius Sun, Moon, Ascendent, Stellium or particularly demanding things going on there)
  • Or, when the Aquarius part of our charts becomes activated (through transits or Saturn shenanigans, which is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and possibly the modern co-ruler Uranus going through stuff, but Uranus is such a slow moving planet that it tends to be more transpersonal, ie, collective or generational)

Let’s be real though, most all of us are in nervous system overdrive because, well, we are here now and things are crazy. I’m not even talking about the pandemic, racial uprisings or the recent political situations – our nervous systems were hard off well before all of that, some people much more than others due to oppression and ancestral trauma.

Your nervous system can be tried and wired for other reasons, too, of course. And this can extend well beyond any sort of transient astrological happening. 

Aquarius rules the nervous system

But because Aquarius rules the nervous system, this is an excellent time to listen to it, feel into it, and tend it. Whatever you do to explore this part of yourself will have an extra resonance at this time, and hopefully your offerings to your body in this realm will be extra blessed.

In this post, I hope you can see how nourishing your nervous system with simple nervine herbs even the most aspirational of herbalist knows about (and can easily access) can not only help you unwind from an anxious world, but help you learn about how Aquarius season might feel for you on all levels. 

I am going to talk about how Skullcap is one of my favorite herbs during Aquarius season (and for my general Aquarius tendencies), especially when combined with two other gentle yet effective nervines: Rose and Lavender. But if you don’t have access to Skullcap, that is no problem. Lavender and Chamomile are classic nervines and easy to find in a grocery store, as well as those “Sleepy” type teas, which are also chock full of nervines.

skullcap in jar with candle and rose

First off, what are nervines? What do they have to do with Aquarius season?

Nervines are herbs with an affinity to the nervous system. There are many types of nervines, and all of the different categories and applications of herbal nervines from a clinical perspective could easily be 30 posts. But for today, I just want to talk about the most basic traits of nervines: they are calming to the mind and the body when there has been tension, pushing and exhaustion.

An Aquarius and Skullcap story 

I want to share this story from 6 months ago (during the Aquarius Full Moon in August, of course!) to set the stage as to why I love Skullcap for Aquarius energy.

Skullcap cold infusion – my new favorite.

I made this sun tea, which I then forgot about. In my forgetting it then became a moon tea.

At 12:30 am after tossing and turning, unable to sleep due to an aching upper body and irritated brain, I sat up and thought, “I wish I had some Skullcap”.

I sat outside on my front porch. Listened to the now constant nighttime helicopters circling our city with a quiet, desperate, exhausted rage coming out of my SCMs, erector spinae and subscapularis (yeah, my muscles have emotions, yours too?).

Then I saw it on the concrete sidewalk under the glowing Aquarius Full Moon: the Skullcap cold infusion! Yesss!!!

Half a jar later I was tucked into bed, feeling that sleep-is-inevitable relaxed, sinking, drifting feeling in my mind, head and shoulders. And for the first time in many nights, I slept soundly.

Summertime compensatory tension calls for Skullcap.

Totally worn out, but unable to shed the stress scaffolds which are basically the only thing keeping you upright.

Unable to transition into rest no matter how exhausted you become.

Tired and wired. Pushing on despite a tense pain that you slowly adapt to as “normal”. All of these are classic indications for Skullcap.

Sending sweet Skullcap tension-releasing dreams to any of you who need some of this feeling right about now.

The plants are here to lend a hand.

They really do hold us so we don’t have to live out of balance trying to hold ourselves in nonfunctional ways.

That last sentence really sums it up for me: [Herbs like Skullcap] really do hold us so we don’t have to live out of balance trying to hold ourselves in nonfunctional ways. 

Aquarius helps us innovate new ways of being for all – including all parts of our body

This is what Aquarius season and energy is all about: helping us to innovate new, revolutionary ways within the structures that are tired, old, and out dated.

Aquarius is intent on what is functional for humanity at large; they want the entire system to work and work well. Remember, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn in Traditional Astrology, so they know systems and structures but have no tolerance for excess rigidity. Nobody gets left out, all are cared for. 

Why not start on your own nervous system? Your own body. Your own foundations. Don’t leave any part out, all must be included and tended. 

I could really feel into that during the Aquarius Full Moon of August. My whole body was being held upright and pushed around by muscles that should not of been overworking like that (and not surprisingly, I am feeling exactly the same way right now – during Aquarius season…that compensatory tension!).

It wasn’t even their job – but my core (my spine, pelvis and abdomen) was so exhausted they couldn’t do its role, so the periphery had to take over. 

Not efficient. Not healthy. Not helping anyone, not even myself. 

The only way to get out of it was to calm the nervous system – reset and nourish. And Skullcap is who I turn to when I am royally burnt out.

skullcap rose lavender tea on altar with candle

About the Nervine herbs I chose

I am going to start with talking about the herbal tea I made in honor of both my nervous system and Aquarius. Let this be an inspiration, a starting place. Make it your own. In the next section I talk about some other nervines for your consideration. 

Skullcap, Lavender, Rose Tea for Aquarius Season

  • Skullcap – An easy to grow Mint family herb, excellent for calming the mind and releasing upper body tension stemming from an overtaxed nervous system
  • Lavender – Another Mint family plant. Lavender has an affinity for moving pent up emotions from the center (especially from the Liver which in Chinese Medicine is a major player with irritation and crabbiness) as well as venting excess stress and tension from the senses, head and neck. This post talks a lot about the qualities of Lavender.
  • Rose – A Heart opening flower which both cools excess irritation blocking the heart center (and blood) and warms to increase embodiment, profusion and emotional fullness. As a thorny plant, Rose helps protect the Heart from vulnerabilities so it can be empowered to be its true self. This post talks about the ins and out of Rose and Lavender tea blending.
  • Licorice – A warming, sweet herb for the center (and supports the adrenals). Licorice helps transform a bunch of herbs into a harmonized tea blend due to its weight as a root. Licorice gets sweeter, stronger and more active with each steep.

How to make herbal infusion

I use about a teaspoon of each herb except Licorice, and for that herb I use about 1/4 of a teaspoon for about 2 cups of just boiled water. A little licorice goes a long way.

Steep the herbs until it is an easy temperature to hold and drink – about 20-30 minutes. You can strain the herbs – but I don’t! I like to sip right out of the tea jar, however not everyone is a weirdo like that so do what works for you.

The herbs can steep longer, overnight even. Re-steep the herbs a few times and taste the evolution of the Licorice (and Rose, too!).

skullcap lavender rose tea in jar top down blue stone

How to choose your own herbs (nervine and other wise) for Aquarius season

As I am currently shifting my writing to be more about embodiment and less about herbs (at least for now! I am still obsessed with herbs, but am really honing in on embodiment as I deepen my own practices), I have noticed more people are reading this blog who are not super familiar with herbs. 

That is not only totally fine, that is great! Even if you don’t think you know a lot about herbs, I bet you do. Think of one or two herbs you know are relaxing. No this is not a trick question I promise, non-herbalists can definitely figure this out.

This is because two of the most popular herbs ever are two very calming herbs: Lavender and Chamomile. We forget that Lavender is indeed an herb to drink because we use it as a scent so often, but it indeed is a wonderful tea herb. Some people do not enjoy strong Lavender tea because it can be like drinking soap. If you haven’t used Lavender as a tea yet, begin with a small amount lest your whole tea taste like nasty over-scented lotion 🙂

But before I introduce herbs, let’s talk connect into Aquarius. Because although I am personally into how great nerviness are for Aquarius season, but if you are called to another aspect of Aquarius, by all means dive in.

How does Aquarius season feel for you?

Look through any information you have at hand about Aquarius (check out this post about Aquarius) and look for keywords that you are drawn to. If you want to get a copy of my Aquarius Season Embodiment workbook, it is here for you, too.

I think a neat thing about Aquarius season is that our perceptual capacities are high. As an air sign, what Aquarius lacks in concrete grounding or emotional depth, it more than makes up as a strong knack for instant communication.

It is more easy than other times to close your eyes, take a few breaths, bring your awareness into your physical, mental, emotional and energetic/spiritual bodies to see how they are feeling. You may not get a clear-cut answer, but you may get a hunch or instant knowing.

Go with that gut instinct, and if you want, focus your herbal tea inspiration on what your body communicated.

A Few Nervines 

There are so many supportive herbs; here are just a few for inspiration.

  • Tulsi – mild aromatic adaptogen to help with general nervous system building 
  • Rose – protects the heart so it can open, helps hold grief, and regulates the emotions
  • Chamomile – when stress gets into the belly and turns into anxiety, as calming as Valium
  • Lavender – really calming to the mind and vents off stuck emotions to let us feel suuuuper calm
  • Melissa – the bright and sunny gladdening herb, when emotions get stuck deep in the gut
  • Mint – overall relaxing nervine, mood lifter (great with black tea) takes off tension, refreshing 
  • Thyme – another overall parasympathetic nervous support, a strong lung and breathing affinity
  • Catnip – stress and anxiety going in the gut, for when we get mean and crabby, mild mind shifter
  • Motherwort – opens constricted heart and emotions, helps us laugh when we feel super crabby
  • Wood Betony – deep sadness, wounding, mood instability held within the gut
  • Skullcap – worn to a frazzle, super tense body, wired and tired
  • Passionflower – helps with transitions and overthinking for highly sensitive stimulated people
  • St. John’s Wort – direct action on the nerves themselves, regulating to the digestive system
  • Hawthorn Leaf, Flower and Berry – like Rose protects the heart for emotions and deep healing
  • Linden – angelic first-line grief support, cultivates appreciation and gratitude
skullcap lavender rose tea in jar with candle

Make your Aquarius season tea into a ritual

Last month for Capricorn season, I wrote about how to bring your intentions for the entire season into your tea as a ritual.

Capricorn is about getting really clear about what the heck you are doing. It wants to know: What is your strategy? What are the exact steps you are going to take to reach your dreams? What are you committed to? Determined about?

Capricorn wants us to make anything we do real, and any ritual of intent is especially powerful during Capricorn season. 

Find balance and ground during Aquarius season however it feels right to you

You can create intentions for Aquarius season too – or for whenever, whatever.

For Aquarius season, I personally need to take the time to anchor into my body, feel my emotions, and calm my mind. I don’t need intentions, per se. I need to be balanced so my nervous system and entire body don’t freak out, otherwise I become an achy, ungrounded mess and can’t contribute to anything. 

When I get beyond the “coping” and “managing” stages with my nervous system, this same exact Skullcap, Lavender and Rose tea is excellent for meditating, dreaming, visioning the future, downloading intuitive data and thinking big picture from a far-off view, like about the trajectory of humanity and what part I have to play in it. 

If you are called to create an Aquarius ritual, keep it simple.

It is as easy as lighting a candle, sitting down with a cup of tea and creating an altar with some dried or fresh flowers or plants, stones, any other objects or elements that remind you of how you feel into Aquarius season. Get cozy with your favorite comfort objects so you feel supported to sink into your body and relax.

Once again – my astrological embodiment resources for you

If you’d like to explore how the Aquarius style may show up in all layers of your body, please check out my 11 page guide. 

This Starry Embodiment workbook includes: 

  • Info about how the Aquarius style may come show up for the different parts of ourselves including:
    • embodiment for the physical body, food and eating and movement
    • emotional body, mental body, spiritual and energetic body
    • stones, colors and herbs
  • Self-tending style of Aquarius season
  • Journal prompts
  • Postseason reflection questions
  • Aquarius Keywords

aquarius altar with roses candle and skullcap
skullcap lavender rose tea steeping in glass jar

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