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How to create Intentions and an Herbal Tea Ritual for Capricorn season

Learning astrology via feeling and tea rituals 

Do you ever feel your curiosity about astrology being piqued, but the last thing you (and your body) want to do is delve into a ton of books or endlessly scroll the internet? 

Information overload is real, my friends.

So is feeling like you don’t know enough.

Maybe someday I’ll go to an astrology school and read all the books and listen to all the lectures… but then again, maybe I won’t.

I did that with herbs and Chinese medicine. It was well and good, but I’m at a point where my brain needs a fresh approach, and my body needs something more nurturing.

Luckily about astrology, we feel what is going on out there in the sky within us, collectively and personally. As above, so below. Macrocosm, microcosm. All we need to do it listen in.

This summer and fall, Mars was retrograde. It’s red glow was glaringly bright and menacing, painful to look at. A part of me considered if I was projecting what I knew about Mars, the planet of aggression, war, and action, to what I saw in the sky. Then one night while I was outside, gazing at Mars (and shuddering inside) someone walked by and said, “What is that red light up there? It just looks threatening”.

When we understand the basic key points about an astrological season, we can use that foundational information to explore how that sign feels for us. And feeling is learning.

Feeling into and listening to our body and being is damn good learning because feeling and listening to the body and being teach us, they guides us. When I want to be technical, I even refer to emotions as The Emotional Guidance System. The nature of feeling in general is one of input and output; information comes in and out, continuously.

But feeling is just one part of our needs as humans.

We also need to express our unique nature and follow our souls path through this lifetime. Sometimes we are internally guided, and other times we need to be active participants in creating a more just and balanced world for ourselves and for others. We need to take action.

This is where the beauty of an astrologically inspired tea blend ritual with intention setting come in, and in this article I am going to show you how to create your own.

capricorn season workbook with dried flowers lace and herbal tea
capricorn season workbook with dried flowers lace and herbal tea

My astrological resources for you

If you’d like to explore how the Capricorn style may show up in all layers of your body, please check out my 12 page guide. 

This 12 page workbook includes: 

  • Info about how the Capricorn style may come show up for the different parts of ourselves including:
    • embodiment for the physical body, food and eating and movement
    • emotional body, mental body, spiritual and energetic body
    • stones, colors and herbs
  • All about the Capricorn self-tending style
  • Journal prompts
  • Postseason reflection questions
  • Capricorn Keywords

Also please check out this post about how Capricorn season and how it provides us the discipline for our ambitions.

How to make a Capricorn inspired herbal tea blend 

There are many ways to create rituals, ceremonies and times for self-tending. The most important thing I want you to know is that it is a very individual thing and there is no one way to do this or anything.

But for the sake of example, I am going to share a process of how I do this.

I knew I didn’t want to dive too deeply into the specific herbs for Capricorn from an astro-herbology or health perspective. I spend a lot of time thinking about health and herbs from a bookish, theory or wisdom place, and for myself at this time in my life I want a more intuitive and creative foundation. So, I knew I was going to approach the creation process from a place of feeling

Define your personal approach – and go with it

If you are drawn to a different approach, follow that lead. You and your body know best.

I like to read about the herbal and health side of Astrology. Sometime I will wax poetic about taking care of the joints, especially the knees, the bones and the teeth which are the parts of the body ruled by Capricorn .

But right now, I have to let the quest for knowledge go – because I am simply too busy recovering from Lyme and raising two small children full time. 

(If you are interested in herbs related to astrology, there are a wide variety of resources out there. You can literally spend a lifetime dedicated to this one subject! My personal favorite for how herbs relate to astrology is an old fashioned one, Nicholas Culpepper, who is also one of my favorite herbalists in general.)

dried flowers and tea on tray on chair in dark outside with twinkle lights

Settle into feeling how Capricorn energy arrives in your body

I like to take a few breaths and settle into my body, and then simply ask the question “what does this Capricorn season feel like for me?”.

In the past, I would often tune into the overall energies of the signs. For Aquarius I felt the unrelenting power of a waterfall, for Pieces I felt huge clouds of emotion, for Taurus I didn’t want to do anything but garden as if it were a drug and I was in need of a fix. 

Last year for Capricorn season, I recall feeling a lifted/climbing yet downwards/swimming sensation mixed with the need to take action. This year, however, I feel different things, like how Capricorn brings in structure and daily discipline. And my achy Lyme knees are really bugging me.

Whatever comes in for you, go with it. First thought, best thought, says Capricorn.

Gather any info, if needed

If you want some inspiration, look at the keywords for Capricorn in this post, and if you have the guide (you can download it above and below), note anything about Capricorn energy that calls to you or makes you feel something, anything

You can also use divination.

One fabulous and underrated form of divination is to look at your astrology chart. Check out where Capricorn is located, which planets or points (if any) are in Capricorn. Even if you don’t know a lot about astrology and don’t seek out the meanings to those symbols you may not know, simply looking at it and noticing what thoughts of feelings arise is a wonderful divinatory tool. This is, in fact, the basis of intuitive astrology and I do this a lot.

Speaking of divination, you can also pull some Tarot or Lenormand cards.

What is Capricorn season teaching you?

What lessons of Capricorn call you?

Capricorn is teaching me to stay focused and take regular baby steps. Do you ever feel like that? Maybe that continually focusing and moving forward is a normal state for you. Or maybe those feeling of being regularly dutiful and getting down to business ebbs and flows, based on your mood and vitality and phase of life.

We can get to where we want to go, but we must be patient and kind to ourselves in the process.

And we HAVE to have support! For me at this present moment, this comes in leaning on spiritual and ancestral support, but I am also asking some friends to help support me in little ways, too. On a mundane level, I am working with some physical therapy and movement to work on the foundational structures of my body (hello, knees!).

Cap is also reminding me that I must feel that we all are good enough regardless of the external work we put out into the world. I learned that very much last year, and this year it becomes integrated even further into my belief system (and quite literally, into my nervous system). 

Now that you have gathered all you need to know for the direction of your tea blend, it is time to connect it with your heart-felt intentions.

Intention is 90% of what we do

Instead of listing specific herbs for the New Moon in Capricorn, I want to inspire you to create an intention for a tea that will support or uplift you during this time.

When it comes to creating a tea blend for leaning into an astrology season, embodiment, or ritual, the individual herbs don’t matter *as much* as why you are using the herbs in the first place. 

In this way, a tea bag from a box or even a cup of coffee (hey, its hard-working Capricorn season after all – green tea, black tea, or coffee are definitely fair game for rituals as far as I’m concerned!) can be transformed into a supportive tool of ritual. I don’t think you need to have access to a bunch of herbs to blend teas, either. It’s fun to build an apothecary, but also work with what you have. Kitchen spices, a few locally harvested herbs and boxed teas can go a long way.

By focusing on the intention, an herbal tea moves from a place of wondering which herb is used for what to engaging with herbs support your heartfelt intentions. It becomes a celebratory ritual…albeit a ritual that you drink and bring within.

Create and write your Intentions 

Intention for rituals is what treatment principles are for herbal formulation and acu point selection. They both help us organize and execute what it is that we wish to work with and what we desire as an outcome.

Organize your thoughts into a central intention or two, or three.

Record your intentions in a way that is useful, easy and meaningful to you. Writing them on a simple piece of paper is nice, so is recording them in a journal.

Create the tea based on your intentions

Now that you have your map to your destination in the form of intentions, you are ready to create your tea blend.

Match your intentions with herbs. Think of temperatures and flavors of herbs, too, or organ systems or any other way you like to matchmake herbs to the body/being, if that interests you.

I like to write my intentions on a small piece of paper and keep it in a little dish with a few of my ritual tea herbs. Throughout the next coming days, weeks, or the month I revisit these and reconnect to the herbs, my body and my intentions. This continual tending is like kin keeping for the changes you wish to see in the world, like a gestation.

Cap isn’t into “one and done”. Usually there are a few steps we need to take to achieve the goals we are looking towards. Usually we need to show up and examine the sea of feelings that lap up against the mountain where the sea-goat is climbing. Staying in contact with our intentions is one such way to do so.

These are the herbs I used in my tea blend this year:

Capricorn Herbal Tea Blend
  • Citrus Peels
  • Cedar
  • Lungwort
  • Juniper Berries
  • Angelica archangelica
  • Burdock Root
  • Rose Hips
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Licorice

I was inspired to create a tea with warming spices and herbs to lift the Cold-Dampness that have crept into my joints. Cedar, Juniper, Angelica and Burdock all help with moving Cold-Damp and even Phlegm from a water circulation and detox level. Lung tonic Lungwort is added to help transform that Cold-Damp on the level of the Lungs and held within deep seated emotions – remember Capricorn has an emotional intensity to it!

My intentions were about clearing out the old so new, helpful and supportive systems can come in. Capricorn is about getting things in order. Our daily life, our body and self-tending, our spiritual life and our relationships are in service of the big long-term, lofty goals. Now is a great time to make rituals of habit that are a means to an end.

dried flowers and tea on tray on chair in dark outside with twinkle lights
dried flowers and tea on tray on chair in dark outside with twinkle lights

Create the ritual: combine the tea with your intentions

This is what makes this a ritual: the intermingling of our creation with our intentions. Then we anchor this intermingling in time and space to make it real. It may seem simple, but this is truly where the magic is held. And what is magic other than transformation?

Brew/decoct your tea and clear your space

It may take a while to decoct the herbs, or steep the tea. I like to make my space cozy while my tea is steeping. We are not aiming for fancy or perfection here, just a warm comfy spot to sit and sip some tea. 

Bridge your physical experience with your symbolic experience 

Connect with the vessel of the mug, the steam, the herbs and with your own vessel of a body, your own inner warmth and spark of vitality and the intelligent, loving, kind medicine of your own spirit.

Infuse your intentions within your tea

When it’s time, state your intention(s) as you sit with the tea and drink it.

State your intentions for the astrological season, place them somewhere to be held and gazed upon for the coming days/weeks. Follow your own guidance, intuition and inspiration on this. 

Plant your intentions and close

If it feels good to you, imagine that you are planting your intentions in your body. You can put your hands on your body and imagine that the intentions are held as they grow, and then will be expressed when it is time.

Give thanks for yourself, the herbs, the ancients for giving us so much wisdom about astrology, and anything else that calls you.

Close out your space and move into the rest of your day or night knowing you are a little more connected to the energies of this astrological season.

Here it is again! If you are looking for guidance about how Capricorn season might feel for you, check out this guide:

Take care and happy Capricorn season to you all,


dried flowers and tea on tray on chair in dark outside with twinkle lights

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