sagittarius season astro embodiment

Embodiment for Sagittarius season

Welcome to Sagittarius season!

During this time of year, we may find ourselves inspired to:

Follow the creative spark that ignites the first steps of action

Connect with the truth seeker within

Travel, fly, soar and be free 

Release our inner animal, no matter how wild and uncivilized they may be

Merge with the world beyond our immediate, ordinary lives

Sagittarius Season is hungry for something new, something different

The Sag within all of our charts wants to learn about oneselves by learning about the different, the novel, the exotic. It wants to be taken somewhere. Spirited away on a grand adventure through the cosmos (or, on a mundane level, to a take out place on the other side of town).

The Sag within us wants to see what’s out there besides the daily grind. And they do this through direct experiencing (or, again from a mundane level, thought a good book, film or music). Not by stealing other people’s culture. Not by romanticizing or to portray differences as a commodity one can take for themselves. 

But by educating ourselves about the value of understanding what is beyond our own immediate, ordinary lives. And by seeing other people, places and dimensions of experiences with respect and honor. 

Sagittarius is unabashedly, unapologetically themselves. They are pure in that way. And they respect that other people are fully themselves, too.

The message for expansive, traveling Sag season is that discovery and learning are essential for all of us during this time of the year. (But as always, we need to respect the boundaries of the other, and not take what is not for us.)

Sag season can bring up the need to connect to a high truth, a divinity, a guiding philosophy. Jupiter, after all, was the highest Roman God. You can’t get more vast than that!

The calling of this season is to merge with the great vast benevolence. It comes at a time when the darkest night is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere. We MUST look inwards for that inner light, because the Sun is no longer shining warmth, and the frozen Earth has retreated for its Yin slumber.

At this philosophically expansive time, we can make real headways and lasting connections into the discovering of our authentic spiritual being.

Sag wants TRUTH.

During this time, we are our own Jupiter. The sparking of our own divine-melding creativity is within our own reach. Now is the time to make that true connection with integrity.

Because we need it. We need to step into our own cosmologies and expand within the exotic other of our own ancestors. Which is fitting because the earliest Babylonian roots of the constellation of Sagittarius was that these centaurs were harvesters of souls on behalf of the ancestors, escorting them to the divine afterlife. More about that below.

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sagittarius season astrology embodiment guide

Sagittarius Season Guidebook

After a 6 month hiatus, I am once again offering a seasonal Astro Embodiment Guide.

This 11 page workbook includes:

  • Info on Sag season style of embodiment for the physical body, food and eating, movement, emotional body, mental body, spiritual and energetic body, stones, colors and herbs.
  • Journal prompts.
  • Post-season reflection questions.
  • Sagittarius Keywords and other components of Sag season from this blog post, organized together.

You can get your own copy sent to you right here:

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    Sagittarius Correspondences

    Ruler: Jupiter Success, expansion, magnanimity, abundance

    Element: Fire. Energy, creativity, action, excitement

    Modality: Mutable. About to flow into the next phase, letting go of the old, flexible, adaptive

    Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) end each season, and Fire signs have the spark which begins new journeys and projects. Sagittarius as a mutable fire sign is one of free flowing and upward expansive discovery. Sag has the ability to make refinements with inspirational, impulsive and instinctual movements. Add in the ruling planet of Jupiter, and Sagittarius is exploring in search of the quest for truth and meaning in a big way.

    Sagittarius Season Keywords

    • Generous, frank, honest, direct
    • Optimistic, positive, luck, feeling bright, future-oriented
    • Expansion, travel, adventure
    • Seeking, exploration, higher learning
    • Freedom, spontaneity, restless
    • Easy start, creative spark, act quick on reflexes and intuition
    • Faith, trust, courage

    Aiming the soul upward 

    As a Centaur, Sagittarius is a sign of duality. They are part human, part fierce war horse. Centaurs were excellent warriors because of their knack to gallop into a battle combined with their human capability to aim a bow and arrow. When they were off duty, Centaurs were known as wild, raucous, rude, drunken party animals. 

    Nowadays, Chiron is thought of as the representative Centaur, and people often think that the centaur of Sagittarius is Chiron. Chiron, however, as a myth is separate from the Centaur of Sagittarius (and also as a celestial being in the sky, it is asteroid 2060). Chiron was so noteworthy because he was so very different from all the other Centaurs, being a civilized, learned healer of great skill. He stood out from a crowd of beasts.

    In my early research of Sagittarius, I wondered, if Centaurs are such wild lushes or warriors, depending on if they are working or off duty, where did the upward, expansive, truth associations of this sign originate?

    Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so that explains some of it. But why Jupiter over Mars, since Mars fits with the Martial nature of this sign? I have to back up – the theory behind the Thema Mundi explains this placement. But the benevolent Jupiter rulership still felt out of place to me.

    In the Western world, a lot of what may be thought of as European was introduced by ancient Middle East. Our astrology has Roman names, but prior to that, the myths were Babylonian. Babylon to Egypt to Greece to Rome.

    Sagittarius during Babylonian times were superbeast hunter of souls on behalf of the ancestors, stalking and then escorting the souls of people into the heavens. Skyscript has an interesting article about the ancient origins of Sagittarius. To the Babylonians, Pabilsag, the precoursor to Sag, played out the important role in the winter sky. Here is an excerpt:

    “Concerning Pabilsag’s constellation two factors immediately stand out as highly significant. Firstly, his star rises in the ninth month of the year, which is the final month of the symbolic calendar imprinted upon the stars. This is the time of year that the sun descends to its lowest ebb at the winter solstice and the gates to the underworld are opened symbolising the transition between death and new life. Secondly, Pabilsag is located directly within the course of the Milky Way where it abruptly rises from the southern regions close to the horizon into the higher reaches of the heavens. Judging by the other constellations found in this part of the sky, such as the Eagle and the Panther, this section of the Milky Way arguably represents the souls of the dead on their way to the afterlife. 

    “Taken together these features paint a picture of Pabilsag as a guardian and guide to the souls of the deceased. In many of his essential features he can therefore be equated with the figure of the Wild Hunter found in western folklore. The theme of the hunt, inherent in his bow and arrow and in various images (right) where he hunts down a demon or an antelope, merely disguises the ancestor’s role as the guide to the deceased, spiriting away the souls of the dead with the winds, away from the earth and into the heavens above.”

    Style of being during Sagittarius season

    How we all feel into and embody Sagittarius during this season will vary for each of us, depending on our charts. But even if you are not a Sag Sun, Moon or Rising, Sagittarius is still a part of our charts, and Sagittarius season is here for us all. Nobody gets let off the hook.

    Some parts of our being may be letting our truths fly freely, and perhaps too fast. Some Sag aspects of us will be too intense for us to entertain, or we have learned to stuff them away because its not socially acceptable behavior.

    We must learn to A) balance the Centaur so they are not always on the war path B) merge the human and beast within us and C) and allow their free upward, expansive expression, as if they are on a divine mission.

    All fire signs need conscious cooling off strategies, or inflammation can smolder. And yet having a fire under ones ass can get you moving like no other time. Like Robert Moss says, “The only time is now, unless the time is go“. Play with fire, feel the flame, then get moving. Or your will get burned.

    The Sag way of doing things is to get in your natural creative, passionate element. What lights you up? What brings you in the now, and what makes you want to move and experience, like fire dancing on the wind? 

    This can be challenge, not because there is anything wrong with being in peak experiences, but because we can only have a high level of passionate connection to the moment only some of the time. The rest of the time, life feels cold, grey and boring during Sag season (and to the Sag in our charts).

    There is a Sag season antidote to this. No, it is not to rave or party or gamble or fly around the world, although Sag is known for chasing a high and will be prone to these things.

    It is to go outside and go somewhere. This astrological time of year (and the Sag in our charts) does well with an adventure outdoors. A long hike in nature would be ideal, but even stroll around the neighborhood or a drive would give the Sag in us that feeling of being taken somewhere. Sag is always down for an adventure. I know a few Sagittarius’s who absolutely love (to an obsession level) and champion public transportation. Planes too. In fact, a couple of these transportation obsessed Sag’s I know are also into WWII fighter planes. Talk about that Mars influence…

    Heed any feelings of burnout during this season. They are legitimate. Even if you don’t understand why you are exhausted, rest for as long as you need. Because Sag is part animal part human, this sign brings out the unexplainable needs of the animal body. Sometimes a creature just needs to rest, even if the rational human side of the brain can’t find a reason for the crash of energy. 

    Sagittarius season reflection questions

    During Sag season, imagine that you are rooting into – or in a Sag way, expanding into – this Sign, this season. We are all going to be a little Sag right now

    The way you create rituals, the intentions you set, the way you self-inquire, the way you move your body, the foods you chose and the herbs you share with yourself can all be Sag flavored to restore the Sag part of your life and being.

    Let’s take stock of Sag showing up in our life. Here are some journal prompts for discovering the discover aka Sag:

    • Where do you feel free? Where you need more freedom?
    • What are you discovering? How does experiencing help you expand your views and wisdom, where are you thirsty to learn more?
    • Map your personal cosmology or philosophy about how the universe works. Where are you at a loss? What are your curiosities about the universe? What gaps to you need to fill in?
    • Describe the most prosperous area of your life. Where are you exceedingly lucky. Where are you really wanting luck?
    • Sag is one with truth. With their OWN truth, that is. Imagine someone different from you with different ideals. Can you practice listening, accepting them for who they are? 
    • What do you wish for your learning, studying or travel? Think of as many examples of how you might want to learn or places to experience.
    • Where do you need courage to act? Courage to take the leap, shoot the arrow?
    • You’ve seen much. You’ve learned much. You are a creator, a teacher bringing the inner spark of truth out into the world. What routines do you need to let these ideas come to completion? To be birthed and tended beyond the miracle of conception?

    A Sagittarius season exercise to connect to luck, hope and optimism

    Even the most Sag people I know (perhaps they are Sag Sun, Sag Rising or have the Moon or a Stellium in Sagittarius) have a hard time connecting to the great potential for faith and benevolence. It is often hard to do because a) contemporary people are generally cut off to much of the mystical world, including the expansive optimism of our universe, b) and there truly is a lot of suffering and despair.

    Which means we have to take a moment to intentionally cultivate this connection for ourselves. The more we tend to these feelings, the more the feelings grow. It’s right out of the Neuroplasticity Playbook.

    Why should we even care to cultivate hope and optimism in the first place? Well, that is something we all need to find our own answer too.

    My opinion and experience is that before we can heal, we have to be open to the fact that healing exists. Healing is part imagination and part faith/ hope (ritual and prayer are how this healing transmits to physical life, but that’s another story). You have to be able to see healing happening via the imagination, and to entertain the possibility that that vision of healing might actually occur even against all odds via hope.

    Below is a simple exercise to help us connect to luck, faith, hope and optimism.

    1. Imagine the future is bright and your trust it to be so. Imagine a time when you felt really hopeful.
    2. After a few breaths of sinking into those images of luck, faith and optimism, map where that faith lives in or around your body.
    3. See a spark of hope, and feel it grow and expand within you. Note the feelings you experience. Know you can connect with this benevolence anytime you desire. Thank it for its light and hope, and thank yourself for your time, love and tending.

    Sagittarius Season Blessings to you all

    Sag blessings to you all,


    PS If you are a music fan, I have a YouTube playlist of music from Sagittarius Sun singers and musicians.

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