How to become embodied specifically for Aries season

Ready for a fresh start

Aries Season is here! The Zodiac begins once more. The cycle continues. A feeling of being reborn and re-membered emerges as if by magic. You have been through the entire zodiac cycle, and you have been through a lot, particularly after the ultimate dissolution of Pisces season. In this article I am going to talk about some of the ways that you can feel into Aries season with embodiment, which is essentially feeling into your body and being for clues and information as a compliment (or alternative) to typical mental knowing.

Aries is all about meeting challenges head on. Aries strives to be the best they can be. Aries season also holds a boost of energy and vitality, one that’s especially needed after the reduced immunity and lethargy of Pisces season.

My wish is that we can practice ways to cultivate and SUSTAIN our own individual energy so we have the vitality to serve others and head boldly in a new direction. Aries goes to the end of field, the farthest it has ever gone. Being an explorer, Aries is drawn to cross the fence and venture into new territory. In order to do so, Aries must confront the normal and protective fear that comes with traversing into the unknown. Through this process, Aries season brings embodied courage.

So much is still unknown. Yet here are a couple of constants we can tune into : The emerging Sun brightening the days (Northern hemisphere-centric, I know), warming the ground and awakening the plants after winter. And the Earth: steady, solid, unwavering.

Whatever you can do to feel into the Sun and the Earth can help cultivate the tendency of Aries to be warm and upright. A simple daily practice of feeling into the Sun (even if it’s rainy) for 5 minutes, and feeling into the Earth for 5 minutes, all while breathing deeply, is a great practice to start.

We as humans share this place between heaven and earth with Plants. At this time, we can look towards the Plants to help continually return us to grounding while responding to the building of light. Plants are both more tuned into the Sun, because they (generally) eat photons of light, and the Earth, because they are (generally) physically rooted into soil.

Herbs are one of my favorite things ever. The overall personal and collective stress we feel right now can respond to all types of herbs and preparations, from tea to flower essences to tinctures to herbal baths to gardening or bringing flowers into our space. Some of the herbs I am called to during Aries season from a medicinal side include ones that balance mental stress and blockages in the head (Aries rules the head) such as Blue Vervain, Lycopus, Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Albizzia, Hawthorn, Motherwort and Gotu Kola.

Aries Season Embodiment Guide

I am excited to share this embodiment guide with you. Click here to get the guide.

aries season embodiment guide

This 13 page Aries Season Embodiment Guide includes:

  • Info on Aries season style of embodiment for the physical body, food and eating, movement, emotional body, mental body, spiritual and energetic body, stones and colors.
  • Journal prompts.
  • Post-season reflection questions.
  • Aries Keywords and components of Aries season and the Aries area of our chart from this blog post, organized together.
  • Aries herbal tea inspiration.

Welcome to Aries Season!

This time of year, AND the place where Aries is in your charts is where you:

  • Are independent, in charge and self-reliant, actively pursuing your own aims
  • Draw in successful and energetic new beginnings
  • Move in independent directions, veering into our own path with ultimate trust
  • Learn about how to have creative ownership while co-existing with others 
  • Have strong opinions and let others have their own, differing convictions 
  • Push yourself to do your very best, but not focus on always being the winner
  • Focus your energy to double down and work in shorter bursts and get more done, then use your free time to explore new directions
  • Feel the power – and limitations – of your willpower
  • Know when to stop trying so hard and approach action from a series of smaller results, not always an immediate victory
  • Experience what it’s like to be (or to want to be) the first, the best, a pioneer 
  • Trust your drive and not second-guess yourself
  • See how you can cultivate bravery and courage in the face of the unknown and fear

Traditional ruler: Mars. Drive to go after your desires.

Element: Fire. Energy, creativity, action, excitement.

Modality: Cardinal. Initiates the season, direct, dynamic, meets life head-on.

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) initiate each season, and Fire signs have the spark of energy to begin new journeys and projects. Aries season is especially initiatory, because it is the first sign of Astrological cycle that begins the great rebirth of spring, and because it is ruled by Mars which is the drive to search and claim ones space in the world and push oneself towards creative conception.

Aries place in the Springtime Milieu

The Sun’s journey into through Aries comes with a marked change of pace from Pisces, the preceding sign. Pisces is filled with intense emotions and the nebulous feelings that somehow, in someway, what is above is below, what is within is without, and what happens to one happens to the collective.

In Aries, the Sun comes out of the womb-like water world of an interior life connected to invisible realms of whatever existence is before we are born. And the Sun is VERY happy to do so, it does not shine well in Pisces from an astrologically perspective.

However, the Sun is exalted in Aries, meaning it is strong in this sign. The Sun is supported to fully shine as it is meant to do with clarity, directness, and the ability to simply BE itself.

This time of year, we all experience the symbolic shining of the Sun in the sign of the Ram. The body is activated, our face and head reflect who we are to ourselves, to the world. The “self” is re-met and (hopefully) supported to be itself and celebrated. The emotional body takes a back-seat, which is welcomed after swimming in all-the-feels of Pisces season.

The mental body is clear and simplified, but an ongoing drive to explore and possibly compete can create pressure in the head. Spiritually and energetically, we practice daily embodying in what it means to be ourselves in this lifetime. 

Aries time of year is the one time where we get into what it means to be US. In modern, psychological astrology, Aries says “I AM” while all the other signs say “I AM ____”. This is the time to simply be yourself. The time to look into the mirror, literally. To think about not even what you want but who you are.

This is the time of year where we are anchored into our being. In Taurus we anchor into the Earth, in Gemini we anchor socially and mentally through communication. 

Taurus is a sign of foundation. What’s one step behind making a foundation? Simply existing. Being here in your body and being you.

Aries: The sign of ME/BE

Aries’ symbol, the Ram, is known to be headstrong. It butts horns with others, fighting over a territory and hopefully winning a mate. We are more than our animal instincts, but we are not separate from them either. This time of year we all look at where we stand in this world.

What place can we claim as our own? Do you have the drive to creatively express?

Astrologically, Aries is the opposite sign from Libra. Libra is the “We” and Aries is the “Me”. But Aries is also quite different from the preceding sign, Pisces. Pisces is all about connection, which is a needed reminder after going through the entire astrological wheel. It is through the vast one-ness of a primordial ocean that individuals can emerge. 

This is the time of the great rebirth. Western astrology is Western-centric, and Aries was assigned to be associated with spring.

I hope that during this time of year you find new energy and a fresh perspective on what it means to be YOU. Not you in a relationship, not you as a provider, not you as a parent, not you as an artist but simply you. The roles we wear are a part of us and we can’t always slough them off. Yet, during this time of year, I must encourage you to take moments to hang up the garments of our roles and simply feel what YOU feel like. Then the ability to express ourselves within those roles will gain the gift of our own self-blessings. 

One way to tap into what it means to be YOU is to take a child-like, playful and discovery lens to the world and yourself. Children are born into their world surrounded with ancestral heritage, cultural beliefs, past lives if you believe in that, roles put upon them, talents, skills and a unique personality, but they are many times when they are less aware of this history then adults are. They are often just themselves even within the context of all the other contributing factors that make them them. A part of this is because they are still in a discovery process of being open. During this time of year, we can re-discover ourselves.

Aries Keywords

To get a feel for what it might be like for you during this time of year, keep in mind some keywords for Aries:

  • Competitive, willing to face challenges head-on, courageous 
  • Adventure, exploration, pioneering, trail-blazing, discovery 
  • Self-focused, self-contained, independent 
  • New beginnings, creative, innocent, fresh, child-like
  • Healthy, athletic, vital, energetic, vibrant 
  • Authentic, honest, brave, headstrong 
  • Action-taking, daring, risk-taking, reckless
  • Impatient, forceful, spontaneous, aggressive 
  • Feisty, assertive, quick to anger, truthful
  • Warm, charming, magnetic, attractive 


Working with Fear

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

Franklin D Roosevelt March 4th 1933.

One of the lessons of Aries season is working with fear as a way to courage. This is because the scouting energy of this sign brings us to the boundary of what has been done and where we have gone before. To traverse the edge of the known into the unknown, we confront the natural protective energy of our brain, which in its efforts to keeps us safe, has taught us to fear the unknown. Fear serves to keep us physically, emotionally, energetically secure.

Aries is always pushing us further and farther. In following our wanderings, we come up against the invisible barbed-wire fence produced by our limbic system that separates us from the wide open spaces on their other side.

Working with fear is important work. Sometimes, fear is truly preventing us from impending harm. Most of the time, I see fear as a natural, instinctual reaction that we can recognize and negotiate with.

This is where courage comes in. There’s an old saying: Courage is having fear but doing it anyways. The times where I have chosen (or was forced to, like moments before giving birth to my second child) to traverse the barbed-wire fence of fear into the unknown, I have repeated that saying to myself. Fear, I see you, and I REALLY feel you. But we can do this.

This time of year, we may feel those fearful on-the-precipice moments and yet be able to cross through them with a little more ease, more awareness and more power. Now that I think about it, my daughter was born during an Aries Moon, and birth in general is related to the Moon. Perhaps when I said “courage is having fear but doing it anyways”, I was tapping into the Aries Moon to help me through the fear of the ungodly pain of birth.

Failure Tolerance as Liberation

Caroline Myss says that “Courage is a verb”, and that the only way to build confidence and courage is to act. You cannot read a book about courage and become courageous. This has been an important part of my own journey, especially since like so many other female-identified people, I have, in my fear, clung to perfectionism.

One of the most radical acts I have ever done is to practice failing. Rob, my husband (a very bold Sag sun), noticed that I was playing it safe in a game we were playing. He sensed my fear (this was a game – still, I was scared to fail!). He dared me to fail repeatedly. Just try and lose. It was PHYSICALLY challenging for me to do this, that was how much my brain was wired to be afraid of failing. I was literally shaking, wincing, freaking out.

In the end, I did it! I failed! I lost a game on purpose. I felt incredible, I was so proud of myself.

But then the most amazing thing happened. The more I practiced failing, the more I began to win, and win BIG. I went for the biggest risks and, because I wasn’t afraid, they often paid off. It was liberating.

I told my friends about this amazing exercise Rob helped me through, and they started to do it too. Even failing at a silly game – it was hard for every one of them. But the payoff was incredible. Not only did they too lose the crippling fear of failure, but they all started to win big, too. Not that winning is the point – hear me on this. It’s that we were all able to show up and play the game with a wider range of ourselves present, and that was much, much more enjoyable.

Years later, a friend from grad school invited me over to play a game. It was called Ticket to Ride, the same exact game from which I learned how to fail. I warned her, “ah, just to let you know, this is the game that I learned how to fail from, and I am really good at it”. At the end of a few rounds, where I won big each time, she asked me to teach her how to fail, too.

This is only the beginning in speaking about failure tolerance. Really, what good is learning how to fail in a game when it is real life that matters? It’s a work in progress, for sure, but since that breakthrough with the game, I have been embracing failure as a gift of learning and applying it to areas of my life, sometimes more than others. 

One of the most crucial things to try on in regards to Aries season embodiment, or feeling into during Aries season, is to feel into trying and failing. It truly is an ongoing, almost daily practice of building the courage to try and fail.

Defining and owning “Self-Care” and “Authenticity” 

Social media culture and the transformed some decent, meaningful words into hashtags, then in to sellable things, and they get old and overused fast. One of those is “self-care”, which has taken a spiritual materialized spin, another is “authentic”, now the goal of a million influencers-to-be. Ironically, some of the most well-known social media marketers who first talked about “being authentic” (Jasmine Star, for one) now say that “authentic” is a word you should never use to try to describe yourself – simply because it is overuse it has lost meaning. 

Despite their trendiness, this TRULY is the time to be TRUE to yourself and tend to your “self” and be you. This isn’t a tending to your body, or to your healing, or to your goals or plans or dreams, although these may be a part of it. But to the SELF part of yourself. 

The funny thing for me is that it’s really hard to define what a SELF is because it’s so simple. It’s basically just me. Not what other people think, not what culture has taught me to be, not my past life or ancestry, not my jobs or roles. It’s not only my physical body, but that’s a part of it. It’s the piece of my soul that has incarnated as a spirit into this body and life at this time. 

How do you define “self”? What is your cosmology about who you are, about who any of us are? Now is perhaps the best time of year to make those definitions for ourselves.

Once you know what “self” means to you, how do you tend to it?

I ask this question in earnest, because I really want to know… I’m still figuring that out. 

Aries season will give clues to what your “self” really wants. One thing is for sure, you never have to question your worth or value. That is always a given.

Aries Sovereignty Meditation Exercise 

This has been an exercise I have used in times when I felt energetically porous, such as in times of picking up a lot of psychic debris or emotions that are not mine. 

Maybe you are wondering why I would recommend this now? Aries season is not an emotionally porous time of year, it’s true. Yet I think this is a fabulous time to feel into our energetic sovereignty, because since the “self” is activated and boosted, making the act of tuning into our energetic self even more solid and helpful.

Our health is basically the same of every layer. Prevention is the best medicine. This goes for the physical body as it is for the emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic parts of us.

It is far, far easier to maintain a healthy immune system than to have to rescue one on the verge of getting sick in January, or to completely rebuild not just the immune system but the entire body and being after a chronic or intense infection or environmental pathogen. And the same goes for the energetic parts of us.

About this exercise: This is a short embodied visualization and can be done multiple times a day if desired. It is an exercise to claim our energetic space and feel what it feels like to be totally you.

Golden Light of Sovereignty Exercise 

  • Sit, stand or lay down, breath into your body. Ground.
  • Imagine shimmery golden light pouring into the crown of your head. Fell into the simultaneous density and spaciousness of the golden light. 
  • Follow the shimmery golden light as it flows down from your head, arms, back, belly, pelvis, legs and down to your feet.
  • As you image the golden light filling your body, repeat as a mantra/affirmation something like “this is me, this is my body, I am maintaining this space, I am filled with golden light”. 
  • FEEL and sense what YOU feel like as you see the golden light, think or say “this is my arm, this is my other arm, this is my neck, these are my shoulders…”. 
  • Eventually your entire self will be filled with shimmering golden light. When you are totally golden, maintain the entirely golden state within your imagination and breathe into your body three times. “This is me, this is my body, this is my energy”.
  • As you finish, give thanks for your time with yourself and your body. 

Be well, my Astro friends. I hope you enjoyed thinking about Aries Season embodiment with me. May those golden ray of Aries courage guide your way.

Take good care,


PS Here’s that free Aries Season Embodiment Guide again.



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  1. Wow, what an incredible and thoughtful post! I just started getting into your blog after finding you on Pinterest. I’m so glad I found another astro-herbalist out there. 🙂

    I’ve always looked forward to Aries season. When I used to live in Portland, the Aries time of year was such a breath of fresh air after a few months of what always felt to me like dampness and stagnation. By the time the end of March came around, I always felt like a brand new person, ready to be my fiery self! Here in Colorado, Aries season feels quite different, but I think a large part of that is due to what you discussed: the current pandemic and our very yin, inward, isolating response.

    My hope/intention for Aries season is that even with all of this uncertainty, this fear, this anxiety–that we all rediscover how very much we depend on one another and reawaken to our connection to the Earth, and start caring for our planet and one another in a way we haven’t in a very long time. I think there is the potential for a powerful shift to happen right now and I hope/pray/wish with everything I’ve got that we embrace positive change and start to heal at a deep, collective level.

    Thank you again for writing such a wonderful article. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Shannon, Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughtful comment! I really resonate with your hope/intentions for this past Aries 2020 season…there is a LOT of potential for healing our connections as communities and to the Earth. The atmosphere is certainly ripe with a healing opportunity, and hopefully we can start shifting into a more sustainable and balanced neo-capitalism (or whatever we are evolving into) that’s more nurturing and just for everyone. T