How To Flourish with Embodiment During Aquarius Season

Welcome to Aquarius Season!

Welcome to the fresh ideas that pop out of nowhere. Welcome to the envisioning of new social systems for of humanity, creatures and the Earth, and the new ways of thinking that help us serve our own higher purpose.

During Aquarius season, we may find ourselves inspired to:

 Bring about social change and revolution based on realities of people and not just ideals

Innovate, while preserving what’s working

Negotiate balance between external vision within cut-off internal emotional needs

Intelligently evolve with the aid of healthy mental detachment 

Wrap our mind around our greatest wishes for the betterment of systems around us

Cultivate grounding for lighting-fast downloads, impulses and radical ideas

Clear any excess anxiety that is not ours and reduce mental and energetic clutter so information can easily flow through us

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If you’d like to explore how the Aquarius style may show up in all layers of your body, please check out my free guide. 

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Embodiment for Aquarius Season with nature

Years ago, I read an article about how governmental committees regularly met with science fiction writers, innovative thinkers and futurists to discuss the way things could possibly be in the hard to imagine but not-so-distant future. Stuffy, slow-to-evolve system can garner great value of at least being exposed to revolutionary thinking.

In modern astrology, Aquarius is ruled by the incredibly unique, shocking, electrical and innovative Uranus. In traditional astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn like the sign before it, Capricorn. Saturn-ruled Aquarius knows systems, and modern Uranus co-ruled Aquarius knows how to change them. 

Aquarius preserves what is most valuable and functional within a system while boldly innovating what is old, worn and doesn’t serve humanity.

During this time of year as the Sun moves through the constellation of Aquarius, we all wear the Aquarius lightning rod hat. Ideas pour forth, about ourselves and society. And knowing what we now know, we can’t help but want to clear the air and make changes.

This guide will hopefully give you some ideas for reflecting on how Aquarius energy runs through your own body and being.

The Water Bearer Pours Forth

At the start of writing about Aquarius, I took a moment to meditate. I inquired, What is the main image of Aquarius season energy? 

What come forth was the image and feeling of water pouring down. For the entire meditation, I observed a huge waterfall of water being poured from a massive, ever-filled bucket from the heavens down to earth.

At the end of the meditation, I asked clarifying questions. What are we supposed to do with this water stream? What is held in the water? How do we work with it? I felt a little in the dark and wondered, what’s really the message here?

I didn’t get a perfectly logical explanation. The answer was that the water stream is the message. And this is how Aquarius rolls.

How do you think you’d feel next to a cosmic waterfall? If you’re feeling curious, place yourself in that scene and see what happens.

For me, the shear power and noise of the ever-flowing water was exhausting. Frankly, it pummeled what I thought was my vitality. Shook it down and washed it away. I was left with something like an energetic skeleton, and in that faint outline of an energy body I felt weakness and frailty. But yet the stream kept raining down. I’d have to find a way to withstand being in its continual streaming.

Over the next month, I thought about this a lot. I explored the symbology of water, free flowing water. After studying about Aquarius and feeling into this ever-flowing stream, I see that there is a vastness their perceptive connection between an individual human and humanity, the heavens, other realms, or parts of ourselves. 

Aquarius energies are tapped into something, for sure.

And it pours down freely, unrelenting. 

Skyscript describes the water affinity of this air sign so well I will direct quote them:

“The symbolic emblem of Aquarius is the water bearer, who kneels as he pours forth his offering of water in an act of modest service. Although classified as an air sign according to its elemental qualities, Aquarius is in many ways the forgotten ‘water sign’, with its name simply meaning ‘related to water’, and much of its symbolic significance emerging from the water bearer’s act of libation. But the free flowing water-symbolism of Aquarius bears no relation to the heavily pregnant ocean of the psyche as portrayed by the signs of the water triplicity; for in libation the Aquarian seeks only to cleanse, illuminate and purify. The ancients envisioned the floods that accompanied the sign’s culmination and seasonal passage as periods of refreshment, when the land, newly baptised, was cleansed of sin. The month of February is so-named in honour of the ceremonies of purification that were held during the Sun’s passage through Aquarius (Latin: Februa = to purify + arius = pertaining to), with society’s attention turned to ritualistic purification of the home, body and soul.” © Deborah Houlding, January 2004. 

Embodiment for waterfall like Aquarius Season
Embodiment for Aquarius Season with nature

During Aquarius season, we are all tapped into the ways of revolution and having a vision. Our hands are on the electrical pulse, and through our bodies and beings the stream that connections higher realms to humanity flows. The messages from this streaming, this current, this waterfall are the fodder what prompts the need for innovative sea changes of this sign.

Let’s back up a bit and observe Aquarius focused folks, those with their Sun, Rising, Moon or a lot of planets in Aquarius. In knowing their traits, we can see how for one month a year, we too embody those traits, even if we don’t have a strong Aquarian focus in our birth charts. 

Aquarius folks are known for being innovative, revolutionary, eccentric, rule-breakers, freedom seekers. They are know for wanting a better way for humanity at large, and then going to get it.

Aquarius’s are often on the outside looking in. They can be detached and even a little cold, not knowing how they feel or not really wanting to feel.

My own Moon is in Aquarius. When I was young I was intrigued by outward emotions of others, and would watch them like a little anthropologist. If all the kids at a birthday party were crying over something, I would be the only one not crying, observing the incredibly interesting phenomena of hysterical emotions flowing through my friends as if I could physically track the emotions, but not feel them.

I finally grasped my own emotions at age 18, when I educated myself by reading books about emotions. Using the intellect to understand emotions – that is such an Aquarius thing to do.

When Aquarius focused people connect socially, they have a way to tune into communities and groups and align with causes. Though they are often black sheep or loners in some regards, people look to them as leaders because they are sturdy as they work towards the future (remember their traditional ruler, Saturn!), and even in an egalitarian group they will gravitate towards, or be put in, a leadership role of some sort.

Yes, these Fixed Air water bearers are on a mission, like it or not. With that potent sense of vision, how could they not be? It makes me wonder, if you can envision the future, does that resonance naturally serve as a vehicle to take you there?

Perception – Aquarius Season Style

The Aquarius need to innovate came from an inspirational vision.

Caroline Myss talks about how matter follows energy. In Chinese medicine, there is a saying “Qi follows Yi“, Yi being a conscious intention and Qi being energy that can make movement. First we have flutters of feelings, and then, later, the physical world responds. This is something Aquarius knows all about.

Aquarius season comes with an incredible perceptive ability. Aquarius is tuned into other ways of knowing. Wired for it. If we can focus on the reception and perception qualities of this season, we can tap into its gifts even more, and manage some of the side effects that it can bring with it.

For you astrology nerds or Aquarius heavy people out there, how would you describe how Aquarius receives its inspiration? Here’s how I look at it…

Although everyone is intuitive and some Aquarius predominant folks very much so, I wouldn’t say that the general Aquarius way of knowing is just intuitive. 

I would not say that their perceptive super-power is that they are emotionally sensitive or empathic in that they feel deeply and run feelings through their senses or body for information, although many of them are indeed empathic. As I mentioned in my own story above, Aquarius tends to be a bit disconnected from their body and feelings in general and go about learning how to get in their body through practice or starting with an intellectual understanding of emotions — and working with the energies of more grounded signs.

I would also not say that the Aquarius way of knowing is simply spiritual, in that they receive information from the spiritual realm, or garner strength from being in relationship with their higher self or a higher power – although this may indeed be a part of their individual cosmology and practices, especially since they are gifted at communication and listening.

The best way I can describe it is that it Aquarius people seem to be instantaneously telepathic to downloading information from upper world or other dimensions. A sense of knowing arrives from seemingly nowhere. Sometimes these are epiphanies: instant knowings that bring clarity and solution. But mostly, the instant knowings of Aquarius people fly under the radar. Aquarius downloads are scarcely felt or observed, they just happen, unless one becomes skilled in getting a grip on the messages. 

Keep Things Moving

During this time of year, we all are primed for currents of understanding to flow through us. The key is to keep things moving, and keep the system grounded.

Many times, Aquarius folks and Aquarius time of year come with a resting state of moderate anxiety, worry or stress. When Aquarius becomes overloaded with invisible information pouring down from beyond, this anxiety can skyrocket. It flows down from the head to manifest in the physical body in ways that can stop them in their tracts.

Luckily, with a little focus (one of those Aquarius super-powers), Aquarius folks can often move telepathic overload through them as fast as it arrived. During this season we can do the same with a little awareness, a little practice and a little time to feel something is off and take a couple minutes to do a meditation to help manage it (below I have an Anxiety Body Scan meditation for starters).

Over the years of my acupuncture and herbal practice, I have been pleasantly surprised how quickly Aquarius folks respond to treatments and self-care practices to clear out excess anxiety, insomnia, digestive complaints, mental overwhelm and focus problems. To me this demonstrates how at least part of the anxiety was derived from too much coming at them that they can manage, or absorbing that which was not their own, rather than solely a pathology of an organ system or an intrinsic tendency for neurological wiring based on life events or genetic/ancestral foundations.

Aquarius has an electrical affinity, which is why the modern ruler of Uranus is such a good fit. Things come lightning fast with them. The early terms used to describe electricity were taken from what was understood about water, like ‘current’ and ‘wave’. Add in modern computing concepts like ‘download’ (yeah, I know this is not a water-type word but still feel it’s related) and ‘streaming’ and we can see the water-air cross over of this sign that is very electrical. It’s a hydro-power time of year.

As an Air sign, their awareness is transpersonal and atmospheric. And sometimes they pick up on the thoughts and anxieties from groups of people, from other realms, from the collective unconscious, the internet and social media, current political events, the state of humanity and the earth. Anywhere, really. 

Because of the detached logical mentality of Aquarius, they are attuned to what is going wrong. Dysfunction in a system is sensed from miles away.

At this point, if the Aquarius energy is free from overload and healthy detachment can be maintained, innovative solutions are visioned. A new, almost other-worldly, bridge from the old to the new will be revealed. Then the non-conforming Aquarian rebelliousness that we know and love delivers the messages and brings the changes we so crave.

Embodiment for Aquarius Season with nature
Embodiment for Aquarius Season with nature

Aquarius Embodiment Styles

During this time, we have an opportunity to get some leverage out of getting into our bodies and being by observing the Aquarius style. Here are some ways Aquarius manifests in different layers of ourselves.

Physical body: Aquarius rules the legs, ankles and circulation. They have an affinity for the electrical system of the body, the nerves and spine. Eyes can be overworked.

Eating and Food: Eating habits or foods may be novel or different or cutting edge, and we may want to make meals that are creative or enjoy modern trends through eating out. Cooking style can be all over the place but have an element of weirdness, from super basic with minimal tableware to complex recipes. Good time to add in nerve food: EFAs, B vitamins, Vit D, Magnesium, nourishing herbal tonics like nervines, restoratives and adaptogens (my favorite is oats/Avena as support to myelin sheaths). Therapeutic application of strongly sour flavors, like apple cider vinegar drinks or fermented things, can restart the system and the nerves as they are electrically and pH balancing. We may be intersted in food as medicine and have ideals about food for social change with an emphasis on freshness, sustainability, and humane food.

Movement: Look for exercises that make you feel alive and electric, that shock the body out of stagnancy (use common sense though – don’t overdo it!). Move the spine in all directions and in all sorts of unique movements. Exercising as social connection or in honor of a cause can feel good now.

Emotional body: Use discernment to see what is yours and what are other people’s emotions that you have absorbed. May need to spiff up on your emotional intelligence as a way to reorient yourself towards how feelings manifest in your body.

Mental Body: *Strongly* mental time of year. Anxiety from thinking (rather than simply from the body) can be intense. We may hang out with thoughts a little too much, and analyze our own worry or under-the-radar stressful emotions like fear, which causes more anxiety. Be cautious of internet or social media overload.

Spiritual and Energy Bodies: The spiritual body may be off in the ethers. Grounding meditations are essential, and practices like earthing, forest bathing or working with stones can help to anchor us. Become a magnet for your own energy.

Self-tending Style: Aquarius resonates with intellectual, technical or futuristic aspects of health and self-inquiry: like heart rate variability monitoring, meditation apps, step counters, 4×4 breathing techniques, step-by-step meditation or embodiment techniques in general. Electrical devices, like TENS or electro-acupuncture can be extra helpful now, as well as things like working with vibratory tuning forks.

Grounding Practice

Aquarius energy is persistent. It doesn’t simply come through the typical times of visioning like dreams, waking dreams, through our journey work, ritual, art, movement and meditation, but it also comes through any and every aspect of our daily interactions. For this reason I feel that creating a clear channel and grounding into the earth is an essential embodiment tool for Aquarius season.

The Water Bearer is a vessel that holds free flow. It’s funny to think we intentionally let things flow through us, that we could possibly hold the free-flow of anything. But there’s much to do to keep the steam streaming. Regular energetic hygiene practices like a grounding meditation can keep our vessel clear from debris, and let it open to the path of ease and least resistance.

Channel opening and grounding meditation:

  • Rest laying down or seated. Collect your energy, call it back. Sink into yourself. 
  • Breathe into your body. State your intention.
  • Imagine a flow of energy or light flowing through the top of your head, down through the middle of your body, out the pelvic outlet, down through the legs and into the Earth. 
  • Follow this energy as it enters the Earth, going through all layers until it reaches the center of the Earth. 
  • When ready, let this energy return back through the Earth, through your body and up to the center point of the cosmos.
  • Repeat: Observe this energy come back down through the cosmos, through your body, into the Earth.
  • Practice daily. Set a 10 min timer (or longer) because busy Aquarius likes tools and tech.

Aquarius Season Journal Check-ins

Now is a good time to utilize the mental and detached medium of this Air sign in observing how Aquarius energy is moving through us.

Aquarius questions for your consideration:

  • How do the things you wish to accomplish help communities, groups and social change in general?
  • Are you inspired to take my goals and ideas out into the world? Why or why not?
  • Where do you need to have a little more balance between gas and brakes, go slower, make time for transition?
  • Where do you need a shock to shake things up that are stuck or stagnant? 
  • Where do you need to diverge from the norm and forge your own path, despite what the “status quo” has established?
  • Where do you know you are not listening to the solid words from others, your emotions, or your body but keep on rebelling anyway, out of stubbornness or habit?
  • Check in with your anxiety (if you have it at all): how would you rate it on a 1-10 scale, 1 being the least and 10 being the most, like an anxiety attack? If any of the anxiety is not yours, let it go.
  • Check in with your social media consumption: how do you feel about social media, podcasts, shows or the internet in general?
  • How are you inspired to connect to the stream of communication and connection between yourself and your higher self, the spirit realm or greater good of all? What information is being downloaded into you right now?
  • How grounded do you feel? What can you do to be light a lightning rod and direct the energy moving through you in a productive, grounded way?

A little bit about anxiety. Anxiety is multifaceted and can have many contributing factors and expressions, some internal and some external.

The anxiety I am referring to here is the mental-emotional sense of a feeling rooted in worry and fear, where we have an uncertainty or dread about things possibly turning out badly. We all have a capability to experience worry or anxiousness multiple times a day. It comes and goes. We all can feel anxiety from time to time, but not all of us have what is called an anxiety disorder, similar to how we can feel depression but not all of us would say we are “depressed”. I am not necessarily referring to this type medicalized or “pathological” generalized anxiety disorder. Please us common sense and seek qualified medical support if you need to.

Some of our anxiety comes from the neurological impact from outside circumstances, like adverse childhood events (ACE), trauma, oppression, attachment issues, and so on. Some anxiety comes from the reality of our physical bodies needs and makeup. Some anxiety is environmental. In the following “Anxiety Body Scan” I want us to observe if there is any anxiety that is not solely our own, that we have absorbed from outside of us in a way that can happen with Aquarius-flavored things.

For example, I know of individuals that have to take a break from listening to or reading certain political news because it raises their stress and anxiety to non-functional heights from time to time. Personally, I pick up the anxieties of others and of the collective through scrolling social media. When I feel my mind becoming obsessed with worry that is more than my typical resting state, I unplug, release what is not mine, make a protective bubble, and stay away until I feel more grounded and in my own energetic sovregnity.

It took me a while to figure out I was picking up things that were not mine from the internet. As an empath and clairsentient I knew I did that in one-on-one settings (and had practices in play to prevent and manage it), but I didn’t realize the social media trigger until a year and a half ago.

This following exercise will help with the recognition of the feelings present in your body and being, seeing what feelings belong to you and what has been picked up from outside of yourself, and exploring the possibility of releasing what is not yours.

Anxiety Body Scan Meditation:

  • Take a few breaths. Let your consciousness sink into yourself.
  • Rate your sense of anxiety on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least and 10 being the highest, like an outright anxiety attack.
  • Feel into where the anxiety dwells in your body. Breathe into that area a few times. If you don’t have a certain body area stand out to you, pick any place – make a guess. You don’t have to change it or anything. Simply sit with it and say, “hello, anxiety, I see you”.
  • Emotions and thoughts may arise. You can explore them if you want to, but you don’t have to. Awareness and acknowledgement can be a bridge to seeing and feeling the anxiety without having to dive in and swim with it.
  • Allow the anxiety or worry to take a shape, or a color, or be settled in a place in the body, or be a feeling of a certain type of discomfort or tension (could be a good feeling, or course, but typically it feels uncomfortable so we can meet it where it’s at if that’s the case). Ask the anxiety or yourself, “are you my anxiety?” See if you get a “yes” or “no” type of feeling in your body. Yes typically feels like an opening/expansion and “no” typically feels like a closing/contraction. This can take some practice so it’s okay if you don’t feel certain, or anything at all. You may also get a hunch or a sense or intuition, or you can just trust your gut and think of an answer (make a guess).
  • The answer may be mixed: it’s part yours and part others’. You may feel both a “yes” and a “no” type of answers. If this is the case, ask “how much is mine?” and see if you can get a percentage.
  • If the anxiety/worry is not yours, take a breath and while you exhale, ask to release that which is not yours. Repete a few times.
  • Check in with your anxiety level again, notice if it has shifted or changed. Close the body scan meditation by thanking yourself and your body for being there.

Aquarius as Part of the Winter Milieu

Even though Aquarius is a fixed sign and known for being unique, it has a way to ever-so-slightly blend into the astrological seasons of before and after. Aquarius shares its traditional rulership of task-master Saturn with Capricorn, the sign prior. Getting things done and working towards ideals is a common thread between the two. Water sign Pieces follows Aquarius, and although these signs are as different as any two signs could be, they both carry a watery tone of dissolution.

Because of this, I want us to work out how its energy could be coming through to us as a part of a winter narrative or myth (for us in the Northern Hemisphere, that is). Winter is hibernation time for many creatures and humans, too. We seek balance with the seasons and light, whether we know it or not, and whether our work and school and family and personal schedules create space for us to do so or not. We are drawn indoors, under covers, into ourselves and our own bodies and beings.

In Capricorn, we feel our need for foundational emotional-mental-spiritual nourishment and physical solidity as we look into our own relationship with achievement and making goals for ourselves from intrinsic, rather than solely extrinsic, motivation. 

In Aquarius, we can revisit our goals, desires, wishes and even our sense of duty and daily commitments from last month, add in our ideals for a better world, and ask spiritual guides, higher realms or larger parts of ourselves for clarity. Then let be ready to let the waters of wisdom pour in and the currents of inspiration flow through us and be grounded.

In the following water-sign Pisces, the season takes the innovating theme to the point of involution. Pisces asks, “You want change? Here is the ultimate dissolution!” and wham, we are swimming – or sinking under – in the primordial oceans of collective unconscious, personal coming-undone and in all realms. What of those early winter goals and inspirations will remain after Pisces season? We will have to see, my friends.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: now we step into the ever streaming-stream, connect above and spread new ideas out around us.

Thanks for reading, fellow self-inquirists and Astro-nerds.

Best waterfall wishes to you all,


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Embodiment for waterfall Aquarius Season

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